JK/SK Sugar Bush Trip on Friday, March 31st

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Spring has sprung when this trip happens: our JKs and SKs will be headed off to the Sugarbush on Friday, March 31st.  This rite of passage for many Ontario school children is a “sweet” reminder of why maple syrup is a wonderful thing!  Our youngest students will get to see the production of maple syrup from start to finish.


Please be sure to dress appropriately for the weather!  At this time of the year one never really knows what the day will bring!


Thank you, Kindergarten team, for organizing this field trip.


Making maple syrup brings back fond memories for me (this is Mr. Parish writing the post).  My brother and I began making maple syrup on our own when we were young (by the age of 8 or 9 at the latest…things were a little more relaxed back then!!!) as it was something that the Parish family did and still does.  I am old enough (sadly!) that when I went to school “Making Maple Syrup” was one of our grade 8 Science units!  I doubt the school would get away with that now!