TLDSB’s Digital Library – Check It Out!

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Now you and your family can access over 1,000 eBooks and audiobooks through TLDSB’s new Digital Library! This library will open a new world of learning for students and parents, and will serve as your digital reading platform at school, and at home – anytime, anywhere. Hundreds of titles await you on your phone, tablet, or computer – for FREE! This library is for readers of every pace, ability, and interest. To access the library directly, your child just needs to enter their network login credentials. Visit to start downloading today. For more information, visit


Do You Require More Information or Support?


Click to access OverDrive-Read-and-App-Guide-1.pdf



Good luck, Primary and Junior Basketball Teams, at Zone on Monday, April 3

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Go, Huskies, Go!


Both our Primary and Junior Basketball Teams will be heading off to their respective Zone Tournaments on Monday, April 3rd!  The basketball season seems to be the longest of all the sports seasons at school – so we appreciate the dedication of the students and coaches alike.  Win or lose, we know that our teams will represent our school well by trying their hardest and being great sports.


Go, Huskies, Go!

Autism Awareness Day – Break out the Blue!

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Break out your blue clothes for Monday, April 3rd.  DGH is recognizing World Autism Awareness day on Monday, April 3rd.  People, organizations and countries around the world will be showing their recognition and awareness of Autism by wearing blue, installing blue lights and just generally discussing Autism.


Take a moment to check out the diagram included with this post.  This includes many of the things you might notice in a person diagnosed with Autism.  Remember – these are not negative things!  Also remember that Autism is truly “spectrum” disorder.  Like everyone else in the world, no two Autistic individuals are the same.


It is also important that to recognize and realize that many of the skills most of us take for granted are often skills that an Autistic person will likely struggle with.  A typical example would be social skills.  Autistic people may not read a social situation correctly.  How can you help?  Show empathy and understanding!  Celebrate our differences.

Kindergarten Sugar Bush Trip RESCHEDULED TO MONDAY, APRIL 3RD

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DGH Kindergarten parents and guardians, the Sugar Bush trip originally planned for tomorrow, Friday, March 31st, HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO MONDAY, APRIL 3RD due to the forecast of inclement tomorrow (meaning: a lot of rain!).


A  note will be going home with our Kindergarten students today, but please pass this message to any parents and guardians of DGH Kindergarten students that you know!


The good news is that Monday’s forecast looks excellent at this point!

DGH Sports Bags on Sale!

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Mrs. Starr is selling DGH sports bags (the picture is on the front of this post).  Bags cost $7.00 each and can be purchased at the beginning of either the nutrition break or recess – please see Mrs. Starr in the office.

Wear Blue on Monday, April 3 in Recognition of World Autism Day

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DGH community we did a good job at this last year, but did an AMAZING job 2 years ago – wearing BLUE in recognition of World Autism Day!  We are asking students to wear as much blue as possible on Monday, April 3rd.  Blue jeans…blue shirts are two great ways to start.  World Autism Day is officially Sunday, April 2nd, but we will recognize it on the Monday.


Why Support This Day and Facts to Know


• autism is diagnosed in roughly 1 in 68 children

• around 1/3 of all children diagnosed with autism remain non-verbal

• boys are more likely to be autistic than girls

• no two people with autism are the same


Break out the blue, DGH!



Excitement on the DGH Tarmac!

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The kids were more than a little excited today (Tuesday) with the crane being used to lift materials and tools onto our roof.  The construction workers were clearly the most interesting adults at the school today!  Of course, no day is a loss when you learn something new.  Mrs. Read was curious as to why the crane’s wheels were lifted off of the ground before the crane began lifting.  The workers’ answer: they need a completely stable surface from which to lift and the wheels will compress/shift when lifting which makes it unsafe.

TLDSB’s Own Digital Library is Live!

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DGH school community, we are happy to announce that the Trillium Lakelands District School Board has created its very own Digital Library!


Click on the link below to access the letter which recently went home with students.  There is a great deal of information contained in the letter.




Click on the link below to access support documentation which also went home with students.




Support links are posted at the bottom of this page.


Why is this so great?


• students, parents and staff can sign out ebooks (electronic/digital versions of books) and read them on their electronic devices (tablets, phones and computers).


• ebooks in the TLDSB Digital Library are generally organized by division.  Students in the Primary division (e.g., grade 1) would be unable to sign out a book meant for the Secondary division (e.g., grade 10).


• a “reserve” can be placed on an ebook in the digital library.  When the book becomes available, you will be informed, can login and then sign out the book.


• the TLDSB is using OverDrive as the app to access our digital library.  Overdrive is a proven app that is easy to install and use.


• both the TLDSB and OverDrive have lots of support documentation available to help guide new and experienced users.


Need Help?


• support information pages are located at:





2nd Electives Day for Grade 7s and 8s this Friday

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Enjoy your morning, students in Ms. Read’s and Ms. Graham’s classes!  Students in these 2 classes will be enjoying their second day of electives this Friday, March 31st.  Students return to the school for the second half of the day.  Students have had this opportunity for the past few years and it is certainly one that they enjoy!  Bowling or rockwall climbing were the choices for our students on Friday.

JK/SK Sugar Bush Trip on Friday, March 31st

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Spring has sprung when this trip happens: our JKs and SKs will be headed off to the Sugarbush on Friday, March 31st.  This rite of passage for many Ontario school children is a “sweet” reminder of why maple syrup is a wonderful thing!  Our youngest students will get to see the production of maple syrup from start to finish.


Please be sure to dress appropriately for the weather!  At this time of the year one never really knows what the day will bring!


Thank you, Kindergarten team, for organizing this field trip.


Making maple syrup brings back fond memories for me (this is Mr. Parish writing the post).  My brother and I began making maple syrup on our own when we were young (by the age of 8 or 9 at the latest…things were a little more relaxed back then!!!) as it was something that the Parish family did and still does.  I am old enough (sadly!) that when I went to school “Making Maple Syrup” was one of our grade 8 Science units!  I doubt the school would get away with that now!

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