Ms. McColl’s Class’ Malaise Trap Results!

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Check out the links below this to find out about the arthropods collected on the DGH school yard.  It’s extremely cool!


Ms. McColl’s class participated in an extremely interesting activity this past Fall – the Malaise Trap Program!  What is the Malaise Trap Program?  Using a tent-style trap, students trap arthropods found in schoolyards.  Through this, students get an opportunity to investigate the world around them.  This is an outstanding way for students to learn about biology in a hands-on way.  The trap was located on the south side of the school’s property.  The trap was placed for 2 weeks and then sent back to the University of Guelph (the organization running the program).


Ms. McColl’s class’ trap collected a total of 1100 specimens in week 1 and 453 specimens in week 2.  The class’ sample had 134 species!  This ranked her class’ sample as 4 out of 67 for species diversity.  37 species were ONLY collected in the trap placed on the DGH yard.


Malaise Trap – Individual Report


Malaise Trap – Photos of Arthropods Collected


Malaise Trap – General Information