Breakfast with Santa – Wednesday, December 21st

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Mr. Boudreault and Ms. Watt, our Parent Council Co-Chairs, have been “nice” all year and have been talking with Santa – because Wednesday, December 21st is our ALWAYS POPULAR BREAKFAST WITH SANTA!!!


Both will be in early at the school to cook pancakes (cooking close to 1000 pancakes takes some time!) and setup for the morning.  Each class will be invited to the gym to enjoy a pancake breakfast.  This is a tradition which has gone on for years and the Parent Council has it extremely well organized.


The highlight of the morning, though, will hopefully be a visit from Saint Nick himself!  This is why we hope that Mr. Boudreault and Ms. Watt have been nice enough throughout the year!  If our Parent Council Co-Chairs have been nice enough, we are sure that Saint Nick will be kind enough to visit DGH in the 1st Block.

Grades 1 to 3 Christmas Activities Day on Friday, December 16th

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Our students in grades 1 to 3 will be having fun on Friday, December 16th!  The Primary staff have organized an Activities Day which consists of 5 different activities.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in 3 different crafts, a Drum Fit activity and a movie and snack.  It looks to be a fun way to head into the final week before the Christmas holidays!  Thanks to the Primary staff for organizing!

Kindergarten Open House on Thursday, December 15th in the Morning

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Parents and guardians of Kindergarten students, a reminder that the Kindergarten Open House will be taking place on Thursday, December 15th.  A Christmas performance will take place in the front foyer from 9:15 am to 9:30 am.  Afterwards, Christmas activities will be taking place in the classroom.


A note was sent home previously, but it is not too late to send in your RSVP!  Return the form sent home or let Ms. McGregor/Ms. Hudson-Winger or Ms. Arscott/Ms. Horton know how many family members plan on attending the Christmas Performance and/or Christmas Activities.  This helps the Kindergarten team with their planning for the day.


Our Kindergarten students have been practising hard for the performance!  They cannot wait to show off their singing abilities!  Thank you to our Kindergarten staff for organizing the day!



Candy Jar Raffle and Santa Grams

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Our very busy Student Council has a number of December-themed activities going on in the next 2 weeks!


Students can purchase tickets for a jar full of Christmas candy.  There is a Primary Candy Jar and a Junior/Intermediate Jar.  Tickets are 50 cents each or 3 for $1.00.  Tickets are sold at Nutrition Break.


Santa Grams are also on sale at Nutrition Break.  Santa Grams cost $1.00 each and will be delivered on December 21st.


Proceeds from these fundraisers go towards Student Council initiatives.



Boston Pizza Lunch Orders due Thursday, December 15th

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A quick reminder, DGH school community, that Boston Pizza lunch orders are due into the school this Thursday, December 15th.  These order forms are for lunches in January.  Organizing the Book Fair…milk and lunch programs…and also the Boston Pizza lunch program…Ms. Starr is a busy lady!

Grade 7 & 8 – TLAC Applications Available

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TLAC 2017 Student Applications are now available!

What is TLAC?  TLAC is an arts camp for Grade 7 through 12 students that will take place on May 21 to 26, 2016 at Camp Whitepine in Haliburton. TLAC offers specialized instruction for Music, Drama, Musical Theatre, Dance, and Visual Art within an exciting camp experience. The arts camp is set up as a typical high school day with four periods. There are evening concerts featuring performances from major artists, a presentation from local visual artists, and an art display. This enriched arts experience is enhanced by the summer camp atmosphere.


Early Bird applications are due December 22, 2017

The deadline for applications is January 13, 2017.


Applications are available online or in your school office. Visit or for more information, or contact Sandra Corry at 1(888) 526-5552 x21257 or [email protected].  Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.  A waiting list will be kept for any forms received over and above our maximum capacity.  Applications that are not complete will be returned, so take your time and complete all sections accurately!  We are very excited about the new programs in this year’s schedule!

Please Know Your Child’s Bus Number

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Parents and guardians, if you do not know the number of your child’s school bus, please note this when the bus is at the bus stop or have your child (if old enough) to look and tell you.  The number of each bus is on the front window, on the top right side.  The sign is white with black numbers and ours are numbered from 601 to 606.


School bus cancellations and delays can be checked at:


Simply follow the link and it will take you to the website “My Bus To School” which provides information on all school and buses in the TLDSB.  When buses are cancelled due to a board-wide Weather Day, this information is posted on the website.  Also, individual bus run delays and cancellations are posted.  Delays and cancellations are posted by bus number.


Parents and guardians are welcome to call the school, but it is often quicker to check with the above website.





Book Fair Extended to Tuesday and Wednesday!

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DGH school community, our School Book Fair will be extended to include Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (December 13th and 14th) due to the Weather Day today.  The Book Fair will be open during the 1st recess for Primary students and the 2nd recess for Junior and Intermediate students.  Thanks to Ms. Starr for her flexibility!

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