Please Know Your Child’s Bus Number

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Parents and guardians, if you do not know the number of your child’s school bus, please note this when the bus is at the bus stop or have your child (if old enough) to look and tell you.  The number of each bus is on the front window, on the top right side.  The sign is white with black numbers and ours are numbered from 601 to 606.


School bus cancellations and delays can be checked at:


Simply follow the link and it will take you to the website “My Bus To School” which provides information on all school and buses in the TLDSB.  When buses are cancelled due to a board-wide Weather Day, this information is posted on the website.  Also, individual bus run delays and cancellations are posted.  Delays and cancellations are posted by bus number.


Parents and guardians are welcome to call the school, but it is often quicker to check with the above website.