Breakfast with Santa Success!

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DGH’s Breakfast with Santa was a huge success today!  The better part of 1000 pancakes served to over 300 students and pictures with Santa made for an outstanding day for all involved.


The day simply would not have worked without the hard work of many volunteers.  Mr. Boudreault and Ms. Watt, our Parent Council Co-Chairs, were flipping pancakes and taking photos of our primary students.  Ms. Penny, Mr. Hooker, Mr. and Mrs. Strange, Mrs. DeGroote and Mr. Adams were all involved in making pancakes, organizing the kids as they came into the gym and helping with cleaning up.  Thank you to ALL of our volunteers and I apologize if I have missed anyone.


You can check out photos of the day at the DGH Facebook page at:

Christmas Holidays – Start on December 23

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On behalf of the DGH staff, I would like to wish all members of our school community a safe and relaxing holiday.  I hope that you receive the most priceless gift of all – the opportunity to spend time with loved ones.


Our holidays begin on December 23rd (the last day of school is Thursday, December 22) and students return to school on Monday, January 9th.   This gives our students time to recharge for the remainder of the year.  As odd as it seems to say, the remainder of the year seems to fly by after we return from Christmas holidays!

Christmas Shoppe Success! Check out the Photos!

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Thank you, Ms. Walden, for another tremendously successful Christmas Shoppe!  Students had the opportunity to shop for loved ones…and shop they did!  A large number of grade 7s and 8s acted as “personal shoppers,” helping our younger students choose gifts – we heard great reviews about your help and assistance.  The day couldn’t have happened without you.  Thanks also to our adult volunteers who helped with wrapping.  The amount of wrapping paper that went out of the school today…!


You can check out photos from the day at DGH’s Facebook page at:



Christmas Shoppe is Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 20th!)

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Our Christmas Shoppe is only one sleep away!  The Christmas Elves, led by Ms. Walden, will have the gym setup tomorrow with a mountain of items available for purchase.


For the low cost of $2, Primary students have the opportunity to purchase a gift(s) for immediate family members.  Some Intermediate students will help as “personal shoppers” for our younger students – helping them choose the perfect gift.  The goal is that every Primary student will have the chance to give a loved one something special to open under the tree.  The smile on the face of our youngest students when they find the perfect gift is truly priceless.


If items remain after the Primary students have shopped (and this is usually the case), our Junior and even Intermediate students will have the chance to shop.


Thanks to all those involved in making this day a special one.  From the many volunteers that are donating their time helping and wrapping to the many, many people who donate items – a huge thank you!

Primary Christmas Activity Day Success!

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Last Friday, our students in grades 1 to 3 enjoyed a day of Christmas activities.  To say that the students had a good time would be an understatement!  Whether participating in Drum Fit, creating 1 of 3 crafts or enjoying some down time watching a Christmas show, the kids were getting in the mode for the upcoming holiday.

Check out photos from the day at our school’s Facebook page at:


Thank you, staff, for organizing!


Husky Knitters!

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Check out the photos below from Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s Knitting Club!  The Knitting Club has met several times already and the students participating already show great fine motor control!  My Mom (Mr. Parish is writing this post) has been knitting for A VERY LONG time, so I have great respect for the talent shown by our Husky knitters!  Knit 1…Perl 2…  I definitely remember my Mom saying those words out loud!!!




Upcoming Spirit Days!

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DGH school community – you always do an outstanding job of showing school spirit!  One of the great things about being a Husky is that you can always count on a huge number of students showing their creative spirit on Spirit Days.


So, students, start thinking about the last week before Christmas Holidays.  A different Spirit Day is going to be taking place each day and we are counting on you helping us get into the spirit of the season!


⋅ Monday, December 19th is Christmas Tree/Christmas Ornament Day


⋅ Tuesday, December 20th is Reindeer/Elf/Santa Day


⋅ Wednesday, December 21st is Ugly Christmas Sweater/Shirt Day


⋅ Thursday, December 22nd is Red and Green Day


Let’s see that school spirit happening!

Ms. Burns’ Class – Scientist in the School

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Ms. Burns’ class welcomed the Scientist in the School programme on Wednesday, December 14th.  The Scientist in the School programme supports the Ontario curriculum – in this particular case, investigation energy.  Check out the photos below to see students highly engaged in their learning!  What makes this programme so great is that the kids get to use all kinds of hands-on learning, which usually involves building things.




Check Out The Jimmy Chapman Photos!

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Thank you, Jimmy Chapman, for another outstanding session of breakdancing classes with our Huskies!  You know it continues to be a hit with our students when so many of them asked me, this past Tuesday, if Jimmy would be coming again next year!  Check out the Dr. George Hall PS Facebook page (the link is below if you haven’t accessed it before) to see photos from Jimmy’s sessions at Dr. George Hall.





Christmas Shoppe Items in by Friday, December 16th, Please!

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DGH school community, thank you SO much for all of your donations to the Christmas Shoppe!  Ms. Walden is asking that any items for the Christmas Shoppe be dropped off to the school by Friday, December 16th – as this will allow enough time for organizing items (the Christmas Shoppe takes place on Tuesday, December 20th).


If you cannot drop items off by Friday, please box them up and hold onto them until next year at this time.  The school (and Ms. Walden) truly appreciate all of the items that are dropped off!  The smiles on children’s faces because of all your donations is truly priceless.


The Christmas Shoppe is going to be an exciting day!

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