Jimmy Chapman Tomorrow (Tuesday)

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Parents with students in the Primary division, Jimmy Chapman will be coming for his second visit tomorrow (Tuesday, November 15th).  The first session was a success, to say the least, and students will be building upon the skills and routine they have already learned.


Don’t forget that we are asking each student to donate $3 towards the cost of bringing Jimmy to our school.


There are few, if any, events more popular in the school than Jimmy Chapman!  Be sure to have your child wear clothing and footwear appropriate for breakdancing!

Parent-Teacher Interviews on the Night of Thursday, November 17th

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Parents, DGH’s night for Parent-Teacher Interviews is this Thursday, November 17th.  By this time a letter and/or form indicating interview availability should have gone home with your child(ren).  Our goal is for each family to have the opportunity for a face-to-face interview with their child’s teacher.  We truly believe that an open line of communication helps create the best learning environment and helps eliminate potential issues.


If your child did not bring home an interview form, please contact the homeroom teacher to arrange for an interview time.


Teachers may also be interviewing on other days.

Jimmy Chapman’s World War I and II Presentation

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Dr. George Hall’s students were fortunate to receive an outstanding and extraordinarily informative presentation on World I and II through his extensive collection of artifacts.


Mr. Chapman’s presentation did not glorify war, but instead brought to life the trials and tribulations of the soldiers who fought in these wars.  He shared information about many of the items and what this revealed about the soldiers that used them.  Military items from Canada, the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan and Italy were included in the presentation.  Speaking for about an hour in each presentation, he kept our students fully engaged and taught them a great deal.


Frankly, I have not seen a collection such as this outside of a large museum.  Incredibly, students were able to PICK UP pretty much any item other than the weapons (e.g., rifles and swords) – there is NOTHING more authentic than this.  Frankly, again, I have never seen students being given the opportunity to physically touch such extraordinary pieces of history.  There is no question that many of these pieces would have been used in battle.  Items included uniforms, gas masks, rifles, machine guns, flags, grenades, stretchers and artillery shells.


Thank you, Mr. Chapman, for bringing your collection and sharing your knowledge with us today.


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DGH’s Remembrance Day Ceremony

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Thank you to the many students and staff who contributed to Dr. George Hall’s Remembrance Day Ceremony yesterday.  This most solemn and important day was recognized in a well done and respectful ceremony.


Our emcees, Caitlyn O’Ryan and Erin Dowson, did an excellent job setting the tone for the assembly and introducing each class’ presentation.  Our Kindergarten classes, together, performed a song and Mrs. Marsh’s class presented a poem.  Each class had 2 students present its wreath.  A number of individual students presented poems or pieces of writing.  A number of additional videos and songs helped our students understand the importance of this day.  Thank you to Ms. McFaul for organizing the Remembrance Day Assembly and Mr. Eagleson for helping, as well.


Lest We Forget.




Progress Reports on Monday, November 14th and Interview Night on November 17th

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Parents and students, Progress Reports will go home on Monday, November 14th.  Progress Reports are not a full Report Card; rather, they are intended to provide information on how your daughter/son has done thus far this year.


As well, the TLDSB has organized a Parent-Teacher Interview Night for November 17th.  Your child’s homeroom teacher will have sent (or will be sending soon) a letter providing parents with the opportunity to arrange an interview time regarding the Progress Report.  Our goal is for every family to have the opportunity to meet with their child’s homeroom teacher.

Remembrance Day Ceremony at DGH

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DGH school community, we will recognize Remembrance Day during our 2nd Block on November 11th.  On this most solemn of days, we will, like all Canadians, take time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice paid by more than 100,000 soldiers.  Through these ceremonies we encourage our students to never forget the efforts and sacrifices of our soldiers and the price that has been paid to provide us with the freedoms we enjoy and cherish.


Take a moment and check out out the Veterans Affairs Canada website to learn more about our Canadian Armed Forces.



HEP B and HPV Needles on Thursday, November 10th

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The next set of needles for our grade 7 and 8 students takes place on November 10th.  All of our grade 7 students will receive their HEP B needle; all of our grade 8 girls will receive the HPV needle.  Thank you to our local Health Unit for providing this important service.  The needles will be given in the first block after announcements.

HEP B and HPV Needles on Thursday, November 10th

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All grade 7 students whose parents filled out and returned the original paperwork will be receiving their second HEP B needle on Thursday, November 10th.


All grade 8 girls whose parents filled out and returned the original paperwork will be receiving their second HPV needle on Thursday, November 10th.


Thanks to the local Health Unit for coming in and performing this important service.

Jimmy Chapman’s World War II Memorabilia Collection at DGH on Remembrance Day

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DGH school community, we are excited to announce that Jimmy Chapman is bringing his extensive collection of World War II items to our school on November 11th.  Jimmy Chapman, you likely know, is the breakdancer extraordinaire who has energized our students about dance in the past several years.  What you may not know is that he is a HUGE history buff with an even bigger interest in World War memorabilia.  While we have not had his collection and presentation at DGH before, we know schools who have and they all wonderful things to say about it.


Jimmy has enough items to fill many tables!  The tables will be setup in our gym and students will have the opportunity to view the items; some of the items can actually be handled by students.  This is a truly unique opportunity.  History will come alive as students touch items that are more than 70 years old.  Each division will have the opportunity to go to the gym and view these items during one of our blocks.  Jimmy also provides a short presentation for students, tailored to their age groups.


Thank you, Jimmy Chapman, for offering our students this outstanding learning opportunity.

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