Jimmy Chapman’s World War I and II Presentation

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Dr. George Hall’s students were fortunate to receive an outstanding and extraordinarily informative presentation on World I and II through his extensive collection of artifacts.


Mr. Chapman’s presentation did not glorify war, but instead brought to life the trials and tribulations of the soldiers who fought in these wars.  He shared information about many of the items and what this revealed about the soldiers that used them.  Military items from Canada, the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan and Italy were included in the presentation.  Speaking for about an hour in each presentation, he kept our students fully engaged and taught them a great deal.


Frankly, I have not seen a collection such as this outside of a large museum.  Incredibly, students were able to PICK UP pretty much any item other than the weapons (e.g., rifles and swords) – there is NOTHING more authentic than this.  Frankly, again, I have never seen students being given the opportunity to physically touch such extraordinary pieces of history.  There is no question that many of these pieces would have been used in battle.  Items included uniforms, gas masks, rifles, machine guns, flags, grenades, stretchers and artillery shells.


Thank you, Mr. Chapman, for bringing your collection and sharing your knowledge with us today.


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