Spirit Day – Jersey Day – Thursday, October 6th

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DGH’s first Spirit Day of the year is THIS Thursday, October 6th!  It’s JERSEY DAY!  This is the day to wear the jersey of a team that you have played on (or are playing on) or your favourite team’s jersey.  If the Blue Jays are still in the play-offs by then (let’s hope, for Ms. Graham’s sake) I am guessing we will see A LOT of Blue Jays jerseys!!!


This is a fun way to show school spirit!  Last year we saw a HUGE number of jerseys throughout all of our grades and we are looking to see that again!  Can we get at least half of our students wearing a jersey – we sure hope so!


Don’t own a jersey?  That’s okay.  You have several days to borrow a jersey from a friend or family member.


Wondering about the Sam Houston State University “Bearkat” jersey?  There is a DGH connection to this team…