Students Signing Out at 2nd Nutrition Break

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If you are new to DGH or your child has reached the age where they are allowed to sign out for our 2nd Nutrition Break, some of the basic information is provided below.  A letter will be going home with students soon after school starts with more detailed information.

You can click on the link below to access the letter that was sent home or will soon be sent home.

Students Walking to Stores Letter

•Ÿ students will be permitted to sign out to go to the stores/restaurants or their own home for the 2nd Nutrition Break/Recess only.

•Ÿ students should NOT be travelling any further than the 4 “corners” as there are no stores or restaurants beyond this point (the only exception is if his/her home is beyond the 4 corners).  In NO case should students be playing by the river or playing around the bridge as this represents a serious safety concern.  As well, the area around the arena is out of bounds.

•Ÿ if your son/daughter is going to be allowed to sign out and visit the stores/restaurants or their own home on a regular basis (e.g., any day of the week), please provide a note stating that they will be allowed to do so.  Please include your child’s name, your name, and the date in neat and legible handwriting.  A list will be compiled from these notes and kept at the office.

•Ÿ if your son/daughter is only going to be allowed to sign out once in a while, please write a note and indicate that it is only for that day that he/she may sign out.  Your son/daughter should bring the note to the office and give to Ms. Starr or Ms. Taylor.

DGH’s Meet the Staff Night – Thursday, September 14th

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Dear Parents and Guardians,


Dr. George Hall PS’ “Meet the Staff Night” will take place on Wednesday, September 14th between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm.  During this time staff will be in their classrooms to meet parents, guardians and students.   


The purpose of the evening will be to provide our school community members with an opportunity to meet one another in a relaxed setting.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet one another early on in the year and for the classroom to be visited.  We encourage all parents and guardians to visit the school if at all possible.     


Should a parent or guardian desire a more indepth conversation or interview with a staff member, we do ask that you arrange for this at another time.    
A letter will be going home with students on Monday with this information.  You can click on the link below to read a copy of this letter.


Meet The Staff Night

DGH is a Peanut Safe School

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Click on the link below to view a copy of the letter that has been/will be sent home with students.


Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy Letter


DGH endeavours to be a “Peanut and Tree Nut Safe School.”  We encourage all parents to NOT send food containing peanut, peanut products, or tree nuts (e.g., almonds, Brazil nuts) to school.  DGH currently has students attending the school who are highly allergic to nuts and nut products.


Should a student mistakenly/accidentally bring a food item to school that contains or has come into contact with nuts, they will be asked to place the item back in their lunch bag.  Should the student absolutely need to eat that food item, they may do so in the office.


We recognize that it can be an inconvenience not being able to send peanut butter sandwiches or products containing nuts to school; however, we would all agree that if it was our child who had a life-threatening allergy we would want everything reasonably possible done to keep him or her safe.


Should you have any questions regarding our Peanut and Tree Nut Safe School Policy, feel free to contact the school’s office.

Lockdown Practices at DGH

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DGH students will be involved in a number of “Lockdown” (Code Red) Practices throughout the year.  In a Lockdown Practice, students are taught find a safe location in which to stay while the Lockdown has been announced.  Lockdown announcements are usually announced over the school’s PA system.  A typical Lockdown announcement would be “Staff and students we have a Lockdown situation.”


A Lockdown might be announced if there was a danger in the school or local area.


The goal in practising Lockdowns is that students know exactly what to do should a Lockdown be announced.  Should your child come home and have questions or concerns regarding Lockdown practises (or his/her involvement in one) please discuss this with him/her and always feel free to contact the school if you require further information.

DGH Staff for 2016-2017

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Below you will find information on DGH’s current staffing for 2016-2017.  Based on our student enrolment (with the goal being the best overall possible learning environment taking student enrolment and staffing into consideration) our classrooms have been created as noted below.


DGH Staff for 2016 – 2017


Educational Assistants – Mrs. DeGroote, Mr. Eagleson, Ms. Thurston, Mrs. Walden, Mrs. Sutherland, Ms. Johns (Ms. Johns is currently on a Maternity Leave) and Ms. Cathy White (at DGH for Ms. John’s Leave)

Office Administrative Assistants – Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Starr

Custodial Staff – Ms. van Hamburg (Head Caretaker), Mrs. Johnston (Night Custodian) and Mr. Florence (Night Custodian)

Teaching Staff

JK/SK – Mrs. McGregor and Mrs. Hadfield (Mrs. Hadfield is currently on a Leave)

JK/SK – Mrs. Arscott and Ms. Horton

1 – Ms. Alexander

Gr. 1/2 – Mrs. Marsh

Gr. 1/2 – Mrs. Kirkpatrick

Gr. 3 – Ms. Britton

Gr. 3/4 – Mrs. Adams

Gr. 4/5 – Mrs. Chidley (Mrs. Chidley is currently on a Leave)

Gr. 5 – Mrs. Burns

Gr. 6 – Ms. McColl

Gr. 6/7 – Mr. Hetherington

Gr. 7 – Ms. Graham

Gr. 8 – Mrs. Read

Resource – Ms. Jewell (Primary) and Ms. Cayley (Junior and Intermediate)

French – Madame Cogar (completing a LTO for Madame Scott) and Madame Burn (she is a 0.2 teacher at DGH this year)

Student Services Worker – Ms. Thexton (normally at DGH every other week)

Vice-Principal – Ms. McFaul

Principal – Mr. Parish

Safe Arrival Line – Please Call

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Please remember to post the safe arrival number by your phone so you can call and leave a message should your child(ren) be absent.  When a student is absent and the school has not been informed, office staff go to great lengths to determine if the student is safe.  A short message on the Safe Arrival Line helps eliminate this issue.

The Safe Arrival Line is:


(this is the main line for the school – the voice box will be on before 8:15 a.m. and after 4:15 p.m.)

DGH Bell and Class Times for 2016 – 2017

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Parents, guardians and students, class times, nutritional and recess times at DGH are as follows:


Entry Bell 8:55 a.m.
Period 1 9:00 – 9:50
Period 2 9:50 – 10:40
First Nutrition Break 10:40 – 11:00
First Recess 11:00 – 11:25
Period 3 11:25 – 12:15
Period 4 12:15 – 1:05
Second Nutrition Break 1:05 – 1:25
Second Recess 1:25 – 1:50
Period 5 1:50 – 2:40
Period 6 2:40 – 3:30
Dismissal 3:30


DGH’s 2016-2017 School Year Is Only One Sleep Away…!

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It is getting dark sooner each night, which can only mean that the start of the new school year is just around the corner!


Parents and students, the 2016-2017 school year begins TOMORROW (Tuesday, September 6th).  The staff of DGH are excited for the new school year to begin.  While some students might deny it, we know that most of our students (maybe all!) are excited and happy to be back for another school year at DGH!


As was the practice last year, class lists HAVE NOT been posted on the school’s door prior to September 6th.  The TLDSB (our school board) made the decision last year that class lists would not be posted prior to the start of the school year for privacy reasons.  Instead, staff will be at the back of the school on September 6th (primary staff on the primary side of the building and junior/intermediate staff on the junior/intermediate side of the building) with class lists.  Staff will help students find their teacher and classroom.


We are looking forward to seeing all of our students and parents again!

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