DGH’s Terry Fox Run is September 29th

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DGH – The Terry Fox Challenge is Out There!


DGH has already kicked off its annual Terry Fox Fundraiser.

Dr. George Hall students will be participating in our school’s Terry Fox Run in the 3rd block of Thursday, September 29th.


Terry Fox might just be Canada’s greatest hero!  Did you know that he ran for 143 days – running a marathon each day.  He stopped only when the return of cancer forced him to end his run.


So, Huskies, how can you keep Terry Fox’s dream alive?  By raising money and donating it to the Terry Fox foundation.  You can raise money in 2 different ways:

– by getting a pledge sheet from Mr. Hetherington and returning the pledge sheet and money to the school, or

– by donating money via the Terry Fox website (more Information will be on this below).




TO DONATE ONLINE CLICK ON THIS LINK! This will take you to the Terry Fox Organization’s webpage.  You will then follow the steps below to donate!

1.  On the website that appears click on “Sponsor a Student” on the right-hand side of the page.

2. Type “Dr. George Hall Public School” into the “School Name” box.

3.  Choose “Ontario” from the Province/Territory Box.

4.  Click on the “Dr. George Hall Public School” from the “School Name” box.

5.  On the right-hand side of the page that appears, click on the “Sponsor Us” link and follow the directions.


If you have any difficulty or require assistance, please feel free to contact the office or Mr. Hetherington at 705-786-1915,

Dr. George Hall PS thanks you for your support!