HEP B and HPV Needles on Monday, October 3rd

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The Health Unit will be here on Monday, October 3rd to provide our Grade 7 students with their first stage of the Hepatitis B shot.

Grade 8 girls will be provided with the HPV needle.

Watch for the paperwork that comes home with permission forms for these needles.  Students must have completed paperwork in order to receive these needles.

As always, thanks to our local Health Unit nurses who operate this programme!

DGH’s Terry Fox Run is THIS Thursday!

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DGH’s Terry Fox Run takes place this Thursday, September 29th.  Students will be walking, jogging and running during the third block to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation.


Terry Fox ran an incredible 5,373 km over the course of 143 days.  He usually ran 42 km a day – or the equivalent of a MARATHON!  Closing in on 40 years later, the Terry Fox Foundation, through the efforts of students like ours, has raised $650 MILLION dollars!


If you can support our DGH Terry Fox Run it would be appreciated and certainly benefits a worthwhile cause.  Whether it is a few cents, a few dollars or many dollars, every cent counts.

Ms. Graham and Girls By Design – September 30th

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Ms. Graham will be taking 4 grade 7 and 8 girls to a “Girls By Design” conference in Bracebridge.  Natalie Panek, a true rocket scientist, is the keynote speaker.  She will be discussing the importance of women seeking careers in science.  As well, students will be participating in 2 different design challenges.  Grade 7 to 10 students from across our board will be meeting in Bracebridge for this conference.


It should be great!  If you are interested, you can learn more about Natalie at http://nsb.com/speakers/natalie-panek/.



Zone Soccer Tournaments – Week of October 10th

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DGH’s Soccer Team Try Outs have also already been taking place!  It seemed like the school year had no more than started than the coaches were inviting students to sign-up for the try outs.


While the precise dates and times for the Zone Soccer Tournaments haven’t been set yet, we do know that all of the Zone Tournaments will be taking place during the week of October 10th.  As a board, we have to work around having enough school fields and supply teachers to make all of the tournaments happen (no easy feat!).


Thanks to Ms. Cogar who is coaching the Intermediate Boys Team, Ms. Graham who is coaching the Intermediate Girls Team and Ms. Arscott who is coaching the Junior Mix Soccer Team.


Thanks to the many students who are trying out.  The amount of running involved in soccer means that it isn’t for everyone; we appreciate the students who are willing to put the “sweat” into this sport!

October 4th – Cross Country Run Date!

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The date for the Cross Country Run has been selected – Tuesday, October 4th!


Our Cross Country Team coaches are already holding try outs and this year’s team looks to be strong again.  Thanks to Ms. Marsh, Ms. Alexander and Mr. Hetherington for coaching the various teams.  The time between the start of the school year and the Cross Country Run isn’t that long – so the training and time commitment is intense; thanks to both coaches and students for putting their effort into this competition.


Whether you make the team or not, it is a GREAT thing that you try out.

Parent Council Meeting – Wednesday, September 21

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DGH school community, the first meeting of our DGH Parent Council will be on Wednesday, September 21st (this Wednesday).  We will be meeting at 6:00 pm in the school’s library.


Our Parent Council meets on Wednesdays and normally meets roughly 5 times a year.  The Parent Council is a GREAT way to gain a better understanding of the “workings” of a school.  The meetings are low key and offer you the opportunity to provide input.  There are up to 4 elected positions (Chair or 2 Co-Chairs, Secretary and Treasurer).


If you are interested, please drop by this Wednesday night in the library.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 705-786-1915.

DGH’s Terry Fox Fundraiser is On!

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DGH school community, do not forget that our Terry Fox Fundraiser is on!  Mr. Hetherington is again spearheading this year’s Run.


He is asking that:


• families donate what they can (loose change is always a great thing!).  Every cent truly counts!  Our school goal is $1200, so if every student donates roughly $4 (on average), we will reach our goal.


• students either bring in the change and give it the grade 7/8 students who visit classrooms each morning to collect the money OR donate online following the instructions that were posted in the school’s original Terry Fox Post.  The school isn’t doing pledge forms this year, so we are REALLY encouraging the online submissions this year.


• students get ready for our run on Thursday, September 29th.  Walk, jog or run – we just our kids to be active that day!  We will be heading out a little after 2:00 pm and be outside until roughly 3:15 pm.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 705-786-1915.

DGH Parking Lot Routines

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The DGH parking lot is a busy place in the morning and afternoon!  For that reason we are asking that all visitors to our school respect our parking lot routines.  This will help to keep our students safe during drop off and pick up times.


ŸONLY buses should be coming into the area immediately beside the school (the bus loading zone) between 8:30 a.m. and 8:55 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.


ŸIf your vehicle is parked in the bus loading zone when the buses arrive and students are loading, please leave your vehicle parked until the buses have completely loaded or unloaded and have left the area.


ŸCars should NOT be parking along the north side of the parking lot in front of the garbage containers and along the grass leading to the road.  A number of our students walk along this area (especially in winter) and it is dangerous to have cars parking and exiting here.  We usually place orange traffic cones in this area; however, even if the cones are not out there people should not park along there.


The parking lot area directly in front of the school is designated as a “fire truck zone” – meaning that any vehicle (other than a bus) that is parked there can be ticketed.  A number of tickets have been issued in the past few years.

Police and Vulnerable Sector Checks

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A letter with additional information on Police and Vulnerable Sector Checks will be sent home soon after school has started.  The same letter can be obtained by clicking on the link below:


Police and Vulnerable Sector Checks Letter


Please be aware that Police and Vulnerable Sector checks can take several weeks to be completed and returned to the applicant.


Police Checks continue to be processed in the manner they have been previously.  However, volunteers now must also have a Vulnerable Sector search completed.  A volunteer would typically have the Police Check and Vulnerable Sector search completed at the same time.  We have heard that the Vulnerable Sector search can take several weeks to process, so if you are interested in volunteering in the school (e.g., in classrooms, for class trips, the snack program) you will need to have both checks completed.


Volunteers at the school must have both the Police Check and the Vulnerable Sector search done.  If you need these checks to be completed, please request the letter from our office indicating that you wish to volunteer at the school.


Please be aware that DGH will continue to follow a “NO POLICE CHECK – NO VOLUNTEERING AT THE SCHOOL OR FOR CLASS TRIPS THIS YEAR” (this is a board policy).  If you think that you may volunteer at DGH in any way this year, you MUST have an original and updated police and vulnerable check completed and on file at the office.

DGH’s School Council for 2016-2017

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Parents and Guardians,


Below you will find a link to the letter that was sent home with students today regarding Dr. George Hall PS’ School Council for the 2016-2017 school year.  If you are interested in being on the School Council (it is a worthwhile experience and provides great insight into how schools operate), please complete the nomination form that went home with your son or daughter and return it to the school.


Our first School Council meeting takes places on Wednesday, September 21st.  Meetings begin at 6:00 pm and usually last until 7:00 or 7:30 pm.


Should you have any questions regarding the Council, please feel free to contact the office at 705-786-1915.


DGH School Council Letter for 2016-2017 

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