Last Day of School is Wednesday, June 29th

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Parents, guardians and students, the final day of school for students is Wednesday, June 29th.  The following day is a PA Day.  Staff will be at school beginning preparations for the next school year (two months will pass quickly!), while students will have begun their summer break.


School resumes on Tuesday, September, 6th.


Students’ placement in September will NOT be posted on the doors of the school before school begins in September.  This is a TLDSB policy (begun last year).  Concerns around privacy are the reason behind this change in policy.


Instead, staff will post class lists at the BACK of the school on Tuesday, September 6th.  Primary classes are usually on the southern end of the school.  Junior and Intermediate classes are usually on the northern end of the school.  Should it be raining on the morning of September 6th, the process will take place in the school’s gym.



Report Cards Go Home on Tuesday, June 28th

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Parents and guardians, report cards will go home with students on June 28th.  Please check backpacks and binders for your daughter’s or son’s report cards!


Grade 8s DO NOT receive report cards on Tuesday, as marks need to be “kept under wraps” for the graduation ceremony.

Hawaiian Spirit Day on Friday, June 24th!

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Don’t forget, students, that this Friday is our final Spirit Day of the year – the theme is Hawaiian!


With the weather being warmer, this is probably the perfect time of the year to have this spirit day!  What can you come up with for the day?  I know we will have at least a few students who will be EXTREMELY creative!



Ms. Burns’ and Ms. McColl’s Classes Off to “Learn to Fish” on Thursday

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A busy past few weeks is being capped off with a fun programme for Ms. McColl’s and Ms. Burns’ classes on Thursday, June 23!  Both classes will be participating in a “Learn to Fish” programme being held at Emily Park.


With the number of lakes around our local area and the number of people who love to fish…this sounds like an excellent opportunity for our students!


Not sure who is cleaning any fish that are caught…!

Spirit Day – Hawaiian Day – June 24th

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Our final Spirit Day of the year takes place on Friday, June 24: Hawaiian Day!  Break out your colourful shirts and shorts as this is the day to wear them!


Leis will likely be popular on Friday.  Perhaps someone is capable of playing a ukelele?  A grass skirt will be a sure fire hit, just make sure you are wearing shorts beneath the skirt, please!


Get creative, students!  While we usually have great participating in our spirit days, there are always a few students who go above and beyond the call of duty – we are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Grade 6 OPP KIDS Graduation on Tuesday, June 22

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DGH’s grade 6s will be headed off to the OPP station on Tuesday, June 22nd…for good reasons!  They have again been invited to the detachment by Constable Lanning for the KIDS programme graduation.  Our grade 6s completed the programme, which is all about decision making, last Fall.


Enjoy yourselves, grade 6s.  Thank you, Constable Lanning, for again inviting students to the station.

Grade 8 Graduation Events and Info

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Grade 8 Graduation isn’t very far away now!  With graduation drawing so close, there will be a number of events taking place in the next week or so.


• the grade 8s are heading off to Canada’s Wonderland on Tuesday.  The weather looks to be a little cooler by Tuesday, so it should be a perfect for our graduates


• Grad Breakfast takes place on Monday, June 27th.  This happens right after morning announcements.  Thank you, Grant Boudreault (Parent Council Co-Chair) who is coming in to help flip the pancakes.


• the “graduation walk-through” (when our grads practice what will happen on the night of June 28th) takes place on the morning of Tuesday, June 28th – right after announcements.  Students should be finished practising by about 10:00 a.m..  We know this is important because many students will be heading home early to get ready for the big night!


• Graduation starts at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, June 28th.  However, we ask that students be at the school by 6:30 pm, so that they can be organized and ready.


• the Dance begins immediately after the ceremony (probably around 8:30 pm).  We ask that parents help put away chairs immediately following the ceremony, as this will allow the dance to begin sooner.  The dance ends at 10:00 pm.  We ask parents be prompt in picking up their children at 10:00 pm.


• Clap-Out takes place at around 3:00 pm on Wednesday, June 30th.  If the weather is poor, the clap-out will take place inside.


Following all of the above, in just two short months our graduates will be walking through the doors of their respective high schools!

Grade 7s Off to Niagara Falls on June 21 and 22

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A highlight of the year for the grade 7s is soon to take place – the Niagara Falls Trip!  Ms. Graham has again organized a fun trip which takes place on June 21 and 22.  Naturally the visit to the Falls itself is the coolest thing of all, but travelling up the Skylon Tower is pretty cool, too!  Students are staying at Great Wolf Lodge and will enjoy the indoor swimming and slides.


Thanks, Ms. Graham, for organizing the trip!  Grade 7s…get ready for one seriously fun trip!

June 21 – Many Class Trips Happening!!!

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June 21 seems to have become DGH’s unofficial “Trip Day!”  Many classes will be away on class trips on this day.


Ms. McGregor’s, Ms. Arscott’s and Ms. Stebbins’ classes are headed off to the Peterborough Zoo.  This should be a fun day for the kids in a zoo and park perfectly sized for our younger students.


Ms. Graham’s grade 7s are headed off to Niagara Falls.  The overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge should make for a fabulous trip.


Ms. Read’s grade 8s are headed off to Canada’s Wonderland.  We will keep our fingers crossed for sunshine.  Roller-coaster rides and other attractions will make for a fun day for our soon to be graduates!

Intermediate Blue Jays Trip – Back at 6:45 pm

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Parents and guardians – the bus returning Intermediate students from the Blue Jays game will not be back until 6:45 pm (Tuesday, June 14th).  Unexpected construction and traffic has delayed the bus.


We apologize for the inconvenience (but students had a great time!).

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