“May the Fourth Be With You” – Wednesday, May 4th

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For many, May 4th is one of the better days of the year!  If you like Star Wars you know that May 4th is “May the Fourth Be With You” Day!  This is a pun on the movie franchise’s most popular saying: “May the force be with you.”


How to celebrate? I see lots of Star Wars shirts at the school on a regular basis, so this is a PERFECT day to wear one!  Mr. Parish will DEFINITELY be wearing a Star Wars shirt!  He is guessing that Ms. Taylor and Ms. Starr will be too.  Not that Mr. Parish would watching too much television or too many movies, but this would be the night to take in a Star Wars episode.  Mr. Parish would confess to the animated series Clone Wars as being one of his favourites.

Free Assistive Technology Workshop on May 17th

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DGH parents, the TLDSB is hosting a free Assistive Technology Workshop for parents, guardians and community members on May 17th.  The workshop runs from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Leslie Frost Public School.


In the workshop, participants will use laptops and/or iPads to try out a variety of different assistive technology programmes, including Google Drive and Google Read & Write.


Information on the workshop can be found by clicking on the link below.  The link also contains information on how to sign up for the workshop.


Free Technology Workshop on May 17 2016

DGH’s Week of Wellness Kicks Off on Monday!

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Thank you to the many DGH staff members who are helping to create a “Week of Wellness” (Feed All Four) at our school this week!  The activities look outstanding!


What is the Week of Wellness all about?  The TLDSB is a believer that Feeding All Four Domains (Body, Spirit, Emotion and Mind) leads to a happier, more rounded person.  “Feed All Four” is a belief that is building throughout our school and our entire board.


Monday, May 2nd 

The week kicks off with a 30 minute school-wide assembly during the 2nd Block on Monday.  Dave Lyons, a huge proponent of the Feed All Four campaign, will be at DGH to discuss the 4 domains.  There are few individuals with more energy and enthusiasm than Dave Lyons!  After the assembly, students will be returning to classrooms to answer/create something which answers the question “What makes you happy?”


Wednesday, May 4th

Students will again gather for a short assembly in the 2nd Block on Wednesday.  This is all about being active and enthusiastic!  After the assembly, students will be choosing from a variety of stations (everything from yoga to a nature walk to basketball skills) in which to involve themselves.  After the stations, students will return to the gym for a smoothie, courtesy of the Parent Council, and to hopefully watch a slideshow on activities from Monday and this day.


Friday, May 6th

Students will be working in the first part of the 2nd Block on creating a canvas which represents their classroom.  After completing the canvas, the entire school will head outside for a school-wide picnic.  Students will be remaining within their normal yards (perhaps with the exception that learning buddies may be invited over to eat with their younger buddies).


feed all 4

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