DGH Spirit Day This Friday – Break the Rules Day!

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This is a new Spirit Day for DGH this Friday, May 27th – Break the Rules Day!


We are not quite sure what Ms. Graham and the Student Leadership team had in mind when they chose this Spirit Day – but we will soon find out!


As always, we know that we will have some extremely creative students come up with some outside of the box ideas for the day!  DGH’s students are a creative bunch when it comes to Spirit Days!


A reminder, though, that “Breaking the Rules” still needs to be school appropriate!  Inappropriate clothing (e.g., with swearing, alcohol/drug references, tank tops) is not acceptable for the day.  Anything to do with weapons or pretend is also unacceptable for the day.


Get those creative thoughts going, students!  We are looking forward to seeing what students come up with!

Ms. Chidley’s Class to Ken Reid Conservation Area on Friday, May 27th

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Ms. Chidley’s grade 4s will be heading off to the Ken Reid Conservation area on Friday, May 27th.  The Conservation Area provides ecology workshops – a topic that Ms. Chidley wishes to encourage in all students.


For those who have not been to Ken Reid, it is a wonderful outdoor area with a mix of just about everything.  Bike and walking trails, forested areas, meadows and wetlands are all features of this conservation area.


With outdoor trips, you always want to dress for the weather!


Enjoy the day, grade 4s!

EQAO This Week

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Our grade 3 and grade 6 students will be writing part of the EQAO assessment this week.  An information letter for both grades went home earlier this month (and was also posted to the school website).


Wednesday and Thursday are “writing” days this week.  Grade 3s write in the 1st Block and grade 6s in the 2nd Block.


If you have a daughter or son in the above grades, please try to avoid appointments and lates which may affect writing on these days.  We try to avoid as much disruption as possible to school and school scheduling on writing days.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 705-786-1915.

Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser Starts Today

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The Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser begins today!


As always, the Little Caesars Fundraiser is picked because of its practicality (most families eat pizza at least once in awhile) and the quality of the product (which is high in comparison to the price).


All of the profits raised in Parent Council Fundraisers are used to support students and classrooms.  In the past few years, the Parent Council has supported the school by purchasing:

• technology such as SmartBoards, computers and data projectors

• a large tent used during outdoor events, such as Zone and County sports events

• a hydration station in the Junior/Intermediate wing of the school

• painting various games on the tarmac at the back of the school (keeps our students busy and occupied at recess!) and

• food and items required for events such as Breakfast with Santa.


How Does It Work

• an envelope and information brochure will be going home with your child(ren) today

• as product is sold, simply record the information on the envelope and collect the person’s money (cheque or cash)

• return the envelope and money to the school by June 2nd (the fundraiser ends on this day)

• the Little Caesars delivery date should be on Monday, June 13th


What is the Purpose of the Fundraiser

funds raised through this fundraiser will be used to support the purchase of a Primary Hydration Station.  If there is remaining money, the remaining funds will be used to support our students in other ways (all Parent Council Fundraising is used to support students)


Key Dates

• envelopes and information goes home  on Thursday, May 18th

• envelopes and money are due into the school by Thursday, June 2nd

• the delivery date is scheduled for Monday, June 13th


As always, the Parent Council and our school appreciates any support that you are able to provide.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 705-786-1915.


Victoria Day Holiday on Monday, May 23rd

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“We are not amused,” quoth this famous British Queen.


I hope everyone has an opportunity to enjoy some down time on this first long weekend of the Spring/Summer!


Do not forget that Monday, May 23rd is a holiday.


Take a minute to consider the history behind the “Victoria Day” holiday.  Queen Victoria, until Queen Elizabeth II surpassed her late last year, was England’s (and the Commonwealth’s, to which Canada belongs) longest serving monarch.  If you have ever heard or used the phrase, “We are not amused,” you will have said something that Queen Victoria supposedly said.  She probably never used the phrase, but it is often used to describe the supposedly very serious Victorian era.


Queen Victoria was usually photographed wearing mostly black and with a very serious face.  However, Queen Victoria was definitely not always that dour!  She had a sense of humour, but tended not to show it in public.  She believed that her subjects would consider her frivolous if they seen her laughing in public!


Enjoy the long weekend and consider that the celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday (May 24th) is the reason for this holiday.


Bonus history tidbit: Queen Victoria selected Ottawa to be the capital of Canada.  Why?  No one knows for sure, but likely because it was in the middle of Ontario and Quebec and it was far away from the border with the United States (and thus harder to attack).

Intermediates to Highland Cinema on Friday, May 20th

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Our Intermediate students will be enjoying a great experience on Friday, May 20th – visiting the Highland Cinema in Kinmount.


For those of you who have visited the cinema, you know what an amazing experience it is!  This small theatre has an incredible amount of movie theatre memorabilia and equipment.  I do not believe that there is anything quite like it in the local area!  For those students who have not been there previously – they are in a treat!


Students will also be enjoying a picnic lunch on this day.  Enjoy, students, as this is a perfect way to head into the long weekend!

DGH Parent Council Meeting on Wednesday, May 18th

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DGH’s Parent Council meets for its final full meeting this Wednesday, May 18th.  We will be meeting at 6:00 p.m. in the Library.  Topics under discussion will include the upcoming Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser, fundraising in general (where to spend money that has been raised this year) and preparations for the upcoming school year (yes, we are already thinking that far in advance!).

Primary Track and Field Tomorrow!

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Do not forget that our Primary Track and Field day takes place tomorrow (Tuesday, May 17th).  Students will be out for most of the day, so please send them with a full lunch, lots of water (or a refillable water bottle), sunblock and a hat.  Clothing appropriate for track and field events is also important.


It will be a great and fun day!

Primary Track and Field Day – Tuesday, May 17th

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Our Primary students will enjoy their Track and Field Day on Tuesday, May 17th.  Students do almost all of the same events as their older counterparts in the school (some of the running events are shorter and they do the ball throw instead of shut putt).


Below you will find the letter that went home with Primary students this week.  Simply click on the link to open the letter.


Primary Track and Field Letter


Please be sure to pack a full lunch, send lots of water or a refillable water bottle, sunblock and a hat.  Even if it is a cloudy day, you will want to send a hat and sunblock.  Please also dress for the weather.  If the day starts off cool students will likely want to wear track pants and a sweater; as the day warms up shorts and a t-shirt will likely be better.


It will be a great day!  Last year’s event was definitely a success!

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