DGH Cheerleading Team Success!

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Ms. Arscott and her Cheerleading Team achieved great success at Saturday’s Cheerleading Competition at Canada’s Wonderland!


In the team’s first year of training, Team 2 finished in 2nd Place and Team 1 finished in 1st Place!  Some impressive accomplishments, Cheerleading Team!!!!  They achieved these results because they worked and practised hard for almost the entire year – your efforts clearly paid off.


Team 1’s Members

Tera Ferguson

Madeline Rauch

Makayla Rydzik

Sydney Taylor



Team 2’s Members

Taylor Frees

Faith Martin

Emma Lees

Julia Watt


Cheerleaders 1.3 Cheerleaders 1.2

Cheerleaders 1.9 Cheerleaders 1.8


Cheerleaders 1.6Cheerleaders 1.5Cheerleaders 1.4Cheerleaders 1.7