Victoria Day Holiday on Monday, May 23rd

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“We are not amused,” quoth this famous British Queen.


I hope everyone has an opportunity to enjoy some down time on this first long weekend of the Spring/Summer!


Do not forget that Monday, May 23rd is a holiday.


Take a minute to consider the history behind the “Victoria Day” holiday.  Queen Victoria, until Queen Elizabeth II surpassed her late last year, was England’s (and the Commonwealth’s, to which Canada belongs) longest serving monarch.  If you have ever heard or used the phrase, “We are not amused,” you will have said something that Queen Victoria supposedly said.  She probably never used the phrase, but it is often used to describe the supposedly very serious Victorian era.


Queen Victoria was usually photographed wearing mostly black and with a very serious face.  However, Queen Victoria was definitely not always that dour!  She had a sense of humour, but tended not to show it in public.  She believed that her subjects would consider her frivolous if they seen her laughing in public!


Enjoy the long weekend and consider that the celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday (May 24th) is the reason for this holiday.


Bonus history tidbit: Queen Victoria selected Ottawa to be the capital of Canada.  Why?  No one knows for sure, but likely because it was in the middle of Ontario and Quebec and it was far away from the border with the United States (and thus harder to attack).