DGH’s Skipping Team – TLDSB Skipping Champions!

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Ms. Burns’ and her “Husky Hoppers” (the DGH Skipping Team) achieved incredible success again this year at the County Skipping Championship.  The event, which took place last Thursday, involved more than 600 students (!) from more than 20 schools!


All 4 DGH teams won their respective divisions: Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Open.  95 ribbons were won by DGH Skippers, along with 7 medals!!!!


This is an INCREDIBLE accomplishment!  Winning any single division is tough enough, let alone all 4!  The competition at this event is extraordinarily high, with skippers becoming ever more skilled each year.


Firstly, congratulations to the ENTIRE team.  These are team events where all of the competitors’ scores go towards team totals (no single skipper is going to win it for a school!).  Secondly, congratulations to those students who went above and beyond and won ribbons and medals!  Thirdly, thank you to the countless hours of practice put in by the Skipping team.  The Skipping Team practices longer than any other athletic team at the school.  Your efforts obviously paid off!  Lastly, congratulations to Mrs. Burns.  Mrs. Burns gave up recesses after recesses in coaching the team and was in long before school started in the morning and long after the school day ended in the afternoon – working with the teams.  Regardless of the hours of practice put in by the team, they would not have performed on the level that they did without your positive attitude and the passion you bring for the team.


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