Principal’s Message for May

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I apologize for the tardiness of this posting – there were some technical difficulties.


Quite honestly, there is too much to discuss in May’s Principal’s Message!  The accomplishments of April and the number of upcoming events in May are extraordinary!  April and May (and likely June) are going to easily out do all of the month’s of the school year in terms of activities and opportunities for students.


Rather than recapping April’s events, I would ask that you simply review DGH’s website and Facebook page for the many, many activities that took place.  This is not to diminish these accomplishments; rather, they would fill an entire page in their own right.  All I will say is thank you for the incredible efforts put forth by staff and students alike in the many different activities in which you were involved.


May’s Events and Activities

• May kicks off with DGH’s “Week of Kindness.”  Staff have put together 3 separate events (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) which involve students in “Feed All Four” (mind, body, spirit and emotions).  Gaining a better understanding of feeding all four, being physically active and considering their classroom community are major goals of the Week of Kindness.  This should truly be a fun and worthwhile experience.

• our next DGH Spirit Day takes place on Friday, May 6th – Western Day!  Cowboy attire, I am guessing, will be popular.  But, knowing our students and staff, there will likely be a great deal of creativity going on that day!

• the DGH Band and Intermediate members of the VOICES choir will be participating in a Mass Band event on Wednesday, May 11th.  Ms. Lucas and the participating students will be travelling to Rolling Hills to participate with a number of other local school bands.

• Ms. Graham and Mr. Hetherington are extremely excited that Junior and Intermediate Track and Field Day takes place on Thursday, May 12th.  As two of are more athletically driven teachers, both of them will be heavily involved in the day and encouraging our athletes to do their best.  While a number of students will be seeking to set records and do their absolute best, the day is really about encouraging physical activity in all students.

• Primary Track and Field Day follows on Tuesday, May 17th.  Our younger students are no less athletic than our older students and this is a very popular day for many of them!  Students did an outstanding job at last year’s event and we are sure they will do equally well this year.

• our next Parent Council Meeting takes place on Wednesday, May 18th.  It starts at 6:00 p.m. and takes place in the DGH Library.  Topics up for discussion will likely include fundraising, where to spend fundraising money that has been raised and events taking place in the school for the remainder of the year.

• the Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser kicks off on Thursday, May 19th.  This is a very popular fundraiser (the product is tasty and practical)!  All profits raised from any Parent Council fundraiser go DIRECTLY back to supporting students.  What has this looked liked in the past?  SmartBoards, data projectors, hydration station, the purchase of school sports uniforms, a large school tent, recess equipment and pavement painting are just some of the items made possible because of Parent Council fundraising.  Information will go home in the form of a brochure and ordering form.

• students in grades 7 and 8 will be visiting the Highland Cinema (in Kinmount) and enjoying a picnic lunch on Friday, May 20th.  For those that have visited the theatre before, you know about the incredible movie memorabilia collected by the owners.  It will be a great day!

• grade 7 and 8 students who are participating in TLAC (Trillium Lakelands Arts Camp) will be at the camp from Sunday, May 22nd to Friday, May 27th.  Students who are interested in the Arts (everything from music to drama) LOVE this camp!

• the Victoria Day holiday falls on Monday, May 23rd.  Take a moment, if you are a history buff, and check out Queen Victoria (the queen for whom the holiday is named).

• EQAO begins on Wednesday, May 25th and the EQAO “window” for the assessments run through to Wednesday, June 8th.  Students do not write on all of these days.  There are 4 language parts (written on 4 separate days) and 2 math parts (written on 2 separate days).  So, students normally write on 6 of the 9 available days.  Grade 3  students usually write in the 1st Block and Grade 6 students in the 2nd Block.  Additional information has been sent home to grade 3 and 6 students.  Should you have any questions, please free to contact the office.

• on Friday, May 27th, Ms. Chidley’s class heads off to the Ken Reid Conservation Area for an environmentally themed class trip.  Ms. Chidley is a passionate scientist and environmentalist, so the Ken Reid trip is a personal favourite!

• Friday, May 27th is also a DGH Spirit Day – Break the Rules Day!  This is a new spirit day at DGH, I believe, so I do not really know what to expect.  Mr. Boudreault, one of our Parent Council’s Co-Chairs, assures me that he is hard at work planning for this day!?!

• the grade 7 and 8 DGH Golf Qualifier takes place on Wednesday, June 1st.  Interested Intermediate students will be vying to join the DGH Golf Team, which compete at the County event later in June.  Thank you to Ms. Graham for organizing.

• Friday, June 3rd is a PA Day.  Staff will be beginning work on Report Cards while students enjoy their final long weekend of the school year.  We can probably all agree that students will be having a great deal more fun than staff!