DGH’s Week of Wellness Kicks Off on Monday!

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Thank you to the many DGH staff members who are helping to create a “Week of Wellness” (Feed All Four) at our school this week!  The activities look outstanding!


What is the Week of Wellness all about?  The TLDSB is a believer that Feeding All Four Domains (Body, Spirit, Emotion and Mind) leads to a happier, more rounded person.  “Feed All Four” is a belief that is building throughout our school and our entire board.


Monday, May 2nd 

The week kicks off with a 30 minute school-wide assembly during the 2nd Block on Monday.  Dave Lyons, a huge proponent of the Feed All Four campaign, will be at DGH to discuss the 4 domains.  There are few individuals with more energy and enthusiasm than Dave Lyons!  After the assembly, students will be returning to classrooms to answer/create something which answers the question “What makes you happy?”


Wednesday, May 4th

Students will again gather for a short assembly in the 2nd Block on Wednesday.  This is all about being active and enthusiastic!  After the assembly, students will be choosing from a variety of stations (everything from yoga to a nature walk to basketball skills) in which to involve themselves.  After the stations, students will return to the gym for a smoothie, courtesy of the Parent Council, and to hopefully watch a slideshow on activities from Monday and this day.


Friday, May 6th

Students will be working in the first part of the 2nd Block on creating a canvas which represents their classroom.  After completing the canvas, the entire school will head outside for a school-wide picnic.  Students will be remaining within their normal yards (perhaps with the exception that learning buddies may be invited over to eat with their younger buddies).


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