Camp Wanakita Forms and $ Due Thursday, June 2

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A reminder to parents in Mr. Hetherington’s, Ms. Burns’ and Ms. McColl’s classes that permission forms and money for the Camp Wanakita trip are due into homeroom teachers THIS Thursday, June 2.


The trip looks like a great one (exclusive of the flies!) and the kids will have an outstanding time being involved in all of the outdoor activities that Camp Wanakita has to offer!


Camp  Wanakita takes place on June 15th (they stay overnight) and June 16th (students return on the 16th).

Grade 8s Visit LCVI on Thursday, June 2nd

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It is that time of the year again!


Our grade 8s will be visiting LCVI on the afternoon of Thursday, June 2nd.  The purpose of the visit is for our grade 8s to have a chance to check out the school, have a general sense of its layout and find out how high school operates.  Some of our students have only ever attended Dr. George Hall PS; the move to another school (let alone a high school) can lead to anxiety.  If you are the oldest or only child in a family, the jump to high school is a big one!


Thanks to Ms. Read for organizing!


Intermediate Golf Qualifier on Wednesday, June 1st

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Grade 7 and 8 students trying out for DGH’s Senior Golf Team (which competes at the County event later in June) will be competing in the Golf Qualifier this Wednesday.


Thanks to Ms. Graham for organizing.  She has been practising with students at 8:00 a.m. on multiple days in the past few weeks.  Our sidehill by the track may never look the same again…



Little Caesars Envelopes and Money Due on Thursday, June 2nd

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A reminder, DGH school community, that all Little Caesars envelopes and money/cheques are due into the school on Thursday, June 2nd.


All support provided is appreciated!  Profits from this Parent Council fundraiser are going towards the purchase of a Primary Hydration Station (if sufficient profits are achieved, we hope to have it installed by September).


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office at 705-786-1915.


Thank you for any and all support!

PA Day – Friday, June 3rd

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DGH school community, Friday, June 3rd is a PA Day for our students.


While students are enjoying a long weekend, staff will be working on 2nd Term Report Cards.  Students are definitely getting the better part of the PA Day!


The June PA Day (along with some other events taking place in the school) is a sure sign that the school year is coming to a close.  A look at June’s monthly calendar shows the school to be just a bit on the busy side!

DGH Cheerleading Team Success!

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Ms. Arscott and her Cheerleading Team achieved great success at Saturday’s Cheerleading Competition at Canada’s Wonderland!


In the team’s first year of training, Team 2 finished in 2nd Place and Team 1 finished in 1st Place!  Some impressive accomplishments, Cheerleading Team!!!!  They achieved these results because they worked and practised hard for almost the entire year – your efforts clearly paid off.


Team 1’s Members

Tera Ferguson

Madeline Rauch

Makayla Rydzik

Sydney Taylor



Team 2’s Members

Taylor Frees

Faith Martin

Emma Lees

Julia Watt


Cheerleaders 1.3 Cheerleaders 1.2

Cheerleaders 1.9 Cheerleaders 1.8


Cheerleaders 1.6Cheerleaders 1.5Cheerleaders 1.4Cheerleaders 1.7

EQAO This Week

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Our grade 3 and grade 6 students will be writing part of the EQAO assessment this week.  An information letter for both grades went home earlier this month (and was also posted to the school website).


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are “writing” days this week.  Grade 3s write in the 1st Block and grade 6s in the 2nd Block.


If you have a daughter or son in the above grades, please try to avoid appointments and lates which may affect writing on these days.  We try to avoid as much disruption as possible to school and school scheduling on writing days.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 705-786-1915.

Intermediate Bike Ride and Challenge!

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The Intermediates have set a tentative date for their annual Bike Ride: June 6th. This activity is all about fun and physical activity – along with an end of year shared experience.


With the Bike Ride, which goes to Lindsay and back, comes a challenge to raise food for our local food bank. The Intermediates’ goal is to raise one food item from every student in the school. This is all about being good citizens of our community.


Canned and jarred food items are often best, as they have a longer shelf life. Pastas are also a great choice as they also last a long time.


Let’s hit the challenge of 1 food item for every student in our school (about 330 food items in total)!

DGH’s Cheerleading Team Competes on Saturday, May 28th

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DGH’s Cheerleading Team competes at a Cheerleading Competition being held at Canada’s Wonderland on Saturday, May 28th!


Ms. Arscott and 2 Stunt Teams (of 4 students each) are travelling to Wonderland to compete against teams from a wide area of Ontario.


The Cheerleading Team has been practising for much of the year and the results are INCREDIBLE!  The full team was, unfortunately unable to compete due to other commitments, but the 2 stunt teams are impressive (to say the least).  Aside from the other amazing parts of the routine, some of the highlights would be the throwing up and catching of team members (these students go high!).


Thank you for the commitment to the team, students and Ms. Arscott!  Sounds like you are going to have an outstanding day and we know that you will represent the school well!

Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser

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DGH community, do not forget that the Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser is on!


ALL profits from the fundraiser goes into supporting students at DGH!


The Parent Council is currently fundraising to purchase a Hydration Station for the Primary Division.  Why?  The Junior/Intermediate Hydration has been a huge hit!  Making it easier to fill water bottles with cold water has meant students drinking more water every day.  So, we want to do the same for our Primary students!  The Primary Hydration Station will be placed a little lower (so easier to use) and our younger students won’t have to walk down into the Junior/Intermediate hallway (which can be intimidating for some).


How to support the DGH Parent Council in their goal?  Purchase or sell product for the Little Caesars Fundraiser.  Every product sold means money going towards the fundraiser!


The envelope and money/cheques are due back into the school by Thursday, June 2nd.  Thank you for any support that you can provide.


If your son or daughter did not bring home a brochure or you do not have someone to purchase product from, you can contact the office at 705-786-1915.

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