Your Voice Matters – TLDSB Strategic Consultation

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We want to hear from you!

At Trillium Lakelands District School Board we want to know what we’re doing well and how we can continue to improve our schools. To do this we want to hear from you, our valued stakeholders.

We’re using Thoughtexchange – an online stakeholder engagement tool – to help us better understand your thoughts and priorities at this time.


Step One – Share: April 12 – 24, 2016: On April 12, you will be able to register for our Thoughtexchange by clicking here . After registering you will be able to share your thoughts to some important, open-ended questions. You will have until April 24th to complete this step.

Step Two – Star: April 29 – May 8, 2016: On April 29, you will be invited to star (prioritize) your own thoughts and some thoughts from other community members. If you participated in Share, you will automatically be sent a Star invitation. If you are new to the Thoughtexchange, you can register through our website. You will have until May 8 to complete this step.

Step 3 – Discover is when we will communicate back the prioritized thoughts we have heard from you.

Please know your identity will remain private throughout this process, and your name will never be associated with your input.

We greatly appreciate your time spent engaged in this process. Thank you for your support!

Wear Blue Tomorrow, DGH (Monday, April 4th)

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Do not forget, DGH community, that we are asking students, staff and parents to wear BLUE on Monday, April 4th.  This is in recognition of Autism Awareness Day.


Almost everyone has met a person diagnosed with Autism – whether you have realized this or not.  With knowledge comes understanding, acceptance and empowerment!


Break out the blue shirt and blue jeans!

Wear Blue on Monday, April 4th – Autism Awareness Day!

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The message is a little late coming out this year, but it doesn’t change our goal and what we are asking students to do!


This Monday, April 4th, we are asking that our students wear BLUE.  Why?  It is Autism Awareness Day.  Wearing BLUE shows your recognition of the disorder and that you are willing to learn more about it.


Huskies – wear that BLUE on Monday!  Show our school spirit!  Spread the word to family members and friends!


Autism is a disorder that is puzzling for students and adults.  It affects the way people interact, behave, learn and socialize with others.  Each person, child or adult, has their own strengths, gifts, abilities and needs to offer.  Everyone needs to have people understand their perspective and be compassionate and caring.  Autism can be described as unique, totally interesting and sometimes mysterious.  Listen, be patient, be kind and understanding.



Grade 3 Swim to Survive

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One of the best parts of the year for our grade 3s (next to EQAO) starts on Tuesday, April 5th – Swim to Survive!


The purpose of Swim to Survive is to give every grade 3 the basic skills to survive should they fall into water such as a pool or pond.  Given where we live in Canada, this is a critical skill.


Swim to Survive Dates are:


Tuesday, April 5th


Tuesday, April 12th


Tuesday, April 19th


Thank you to Ms. Adams and Ms. Britton for organizing!

April’s Principal’s Message

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The interesting weather of this winter and spring continues!  It seemed a little odd, frankly, that the majority of our weather days took place in the late winter and after spring had begun!  The amount of freezing rain that fell last week was impressive!  We likely could have skated on the back tarmac without any difficulty at all!

March was a busy and successful month and April promises to be equally so.  What a mix of things taking place at DGH!  Events and successes in March included:

Caitlyn O’Ryan and Gavin Gregory heading to the Woodville Legion level Speech Competition for Intermediate aged students held on the evening of March 2nd.  Caitlyn O’Ryan finished first and moved onto the larger local area competition which involved students from all local schools.  Caitlyn O’Ryan then finished 2nd at this competition – a HUGE accomplishment.

• Faith Martin and Madelyn Byleveld participating in the Junior aged competition held at the Woodville Legion on the evening of March 2nd.  While neither of our DGH students placed in the top 3, they each spoke extremely well and were great representatives for our school.


Quite frankly, it is difficult enough standing up in front of your fellow students and speaking; that these students could speak in front of mostly strangers is even more impressive!


• All of our volleyball teams competed in their Zone Volleyball Tournaments on March 31st.

• Our Junior Volleyball Team, coached by Ms. Arscott, did not make it out of their zone, but played hard.

• Our Senior Girls Volleyball Team, coached by Mr. Eagleson, placed 2nd in their zone and will be going onto the County Tournament!

• Our Senior Boys Volleyball Team, coached by Ms. Jewell and Mrs. McGregor, placed 2nd in their zone and will be going onto the County Tournament!

Congratulations to each of volleyball teams.  Your efforts and dedication in practices, exhibition games and the zone tournaments is greatly appreciated and speaks much of your character.


As mentioned, April promises to be an equally busy month!  Some of the activities include:


Skipping Team practices continue throughout the month.  Mrs. Burns is a wee bit competitive when it comes to the DGH Skipping Team, Students are already pushing themselves to improve and working on their routines.  Thanks to both Mrs. Burns and students on the team for their continued dedication to the team!

Ms. Graham’s very popular and successful Intramural Volleyball tournaments continues in April.  A large number of grade 6, 7 and 8 students are participating and the level of competition is high!  Thanks, Ms. Graham, for organizing your third intramural sport of the year!

Ms. McColl has kicked off her always successful Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  An informational letter has gone home already and additional information has been posted to the school website in a separate post.  The Heart and Stroke Foundation does amazing work in fighting the terrible diseases of heart attacks and strokes – every cent raised benefits Canadians every day.

Ms. McColl’s goal this year is to raise $8000.  Last year, DGH blew Ms. McColl’s goal out of the water (DGH raised approximately $9500!!!).

Primary students will be participating in their Jump Rope for Heart Activities on Thursday, April 28th and Junior/Intermediate students on Friday, April 29th.


• Any of our team school volleyball teams that placed 1st or 2nd in their Zone Tournament will move onto County Tournaments.  The tournaments take place on different days, as they are day-long tournaments.  All of the County Tournaments are listed on the school calendar on our website.


DGH’s Band, led by Ms. Lucas, will be participating in the Peterborough Kiwanis Music Festival on Friday, April 1st.  The DGH band has been practising throughout the year and they are looking forward to the competition.

DGH’s Voices Choir, led by Ms. Brabin, travels to the Peterborough Kiwanis Music Festival the following Monday, April 4th.  Choirs from all over the local area will be participating in the festival and it’s a wonderful opportunity for musically oriented students to get together.


Grade 8 Grad Photos take place on Tuesday, April 5th.  When grad photos take place, you know that the end of the school year is just around the corner!  Our grade 8s will be looking their best on this day.  Throw a tie on a student and they instantly seem to gain a year or two of maturity and look ready for the business world!


Swim to Survive for our grade 3 students takes place on 3 Tuesdays in a row: April 5th, 12th and 19th.  Grade 3s will learn the basics of surviving a fall into a body of water – a critical skill when you live in our area with so many lakes and rivers.  Swim to Survive is a popular event for our grade 3s each year.


• All of our participating grade 7 students will be receiving their HEP B needles on Monday, April 11th.  Participating grade 8 girls be receiving their HPV needles on the 11th, as well.


• Our next Parent Council Meeting takes place on Wednesday, April 20th at 6:00 p.m. in the Library.


Mr. Hetherington’s class, Ms. Graham’s class and Mrs. Read’s class will participate in electives on Monday, April 18th and 25th.  Electives will take place towards the end of the 2nd Block and the 3rd Block.  These are always fun days for participating students!  Additional information has been provided in a separate website post.


Ms. Graham will be taking 4 Intermediate students to the TLDSB’s Cardboard Boat competition on Wednesday, April 27th.  During this competition, students will be creating a cardboard boat which must support the weight of a student as it travels the length of the pool. Competition is high in this event and students from across the TLDSB participate.  Creativity and ingenuity are important in this event.  Given Ms. Graham’s competitive spirit, the odds are good that this year’s students will be doing their best to win.


Hold onto your hats DGH school community!  Barely 3 months of the school year remain and these 3 months are going to literally fly by! Tournaments and sports competitions, EQAO, school trips and other school events will mean actively engaged students!  We will be sitting at the end of June before we know it!

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