DGH Skipping Team Competes on Thursday, May 5th

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All of the hard work is about to pay-off!


The DGH Skipping Team has been practising for 3 months and is getting ready to compete in the board-wide competition on Thursday, May 5th.  The Skipping Competition is probably the single largest sports event in the TLDSB with hundreds of students involved!


The commitment of the DGH Skipping Team is impressive; they have been practising before school, at recesses and after school.  Ms. Burns’ commitment is even more impressive as she is at almost every single practice.  She is passionate about the sport and the confidence that it builds into our students.



Skippers will be competing in different age categories:

• Primary

• Junior

• Intermediate

• Open (which is a mix of ages)


Skippers will be competing in many different events: 

• Individual events: 30 second speed and double unders

• Team events: Speed Relay, Double under relay, freestyle (dance routines), double dutch

• Master Events: 3 Minutes speed, 3 minute double under, 3 minute double dutch

• Endurance event: double unders