OPP Media Release and Letter Going Home Today

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DGH community, please note the information below.  The letter is being put out in addition to the OPP media release.  All of this information will be going home in a letter to all students (both the DGH letter and the OPP media release).


Dear Parents / Guardians;


The safety of our students both in school and in the community is our first priority.


Please review the attached OPP media release about an incident and subsequent reports of suspicious vehicles.


Our staff members continue to be diligent about safety at school.  Please review personal safety with your child(ren).


Here are some tips from the OPP:


  • Never approach a vehicle or person you don’t know, even if they seem nice
  • Never go anywhere with a stranger
  • Always tell your parents where you are going and when you will be home
  • Encourage your child to use a buddy system instead of walking alone
  • Stay in well lit, populated areas, especially when walking at night
  • Teach your child where to go and how to get help by walking with them around the neighbourhood
  • Develop a “what if” game with your child to get them thinking of how they would respond if they felt afraid
  • Yell out as loud as you can “leave me alone” or something else to draw attention to the “stranger”
  • Teach your child what a “safe stranger” is in case they need help. “Safe strangers” include police officers, firefighters, a cashier at a local store, etc.


OPP Media Release


FROM/DE:   City of Kawartha Lakes OPP                         DATE: April 8, 2016




(CITY OF KAWARTHA LAKES, ON) –   On April 5, 2016 a suspicious vehicle was reported to the City of Kawartha Lakes (CKL) detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in the Cameron area.  The vehicle had stopped and attempted to speak to a female grade 8 student.  The student immediately ran back to their residence.


A Facebook post alerting area residents to the situation was made by concerned citizens.  The driver of the involved vehicle was notified of the post and contacted the police to straighten out the situation on April 7.  Police do not believe there was any malicious intent in this interaction.


As a result of the recent Facebook the following incidents were reported to police:


  • Several months ago, mid-December or January, in Victoria Road a male driver had approached a female, 11 year old student and offered them a ride home.  When the student replied no, the vehicle pulled away.
  • In Washburn Island a black pick-up truck has been seen in the area the last two weeks.  On one occasion the black pick-up truck had an ATV in the back.  On a second occasion the truck was parked near a mailbox cluster.  The male driver of the truck has not had any interactions with kids in the area.  The male driver is described as wearing a camouflage coat.


Police would like to speak with the above drivers.  If anybody has information about the above incidents please contact the City of Kawartha Lakes OPP at 705-324-6741.   Residents are also being asked to report suspicious vehicles and persons to the police as soon as possible.


OPP are reminding all members of the public to be aware of their personal safety and that of children at all times.  The OPP’s website, www.opp.ca contains a number of useful resources, tips and links.



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Contact: Provincial Constable Jackie Hildenbrand


Phone: 705-324-6741


E-mail: jacqueline.hildenbrand@opp.ca