Wear Blue on Monday, April 4th – Autism Awareness Day!

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The message is a little late coming out this year, but it doesn’t change our goal and what we are asking students to do!


This Monday, April 4th, we are asking that our students wear BLUE.  Why?  It is Autism Awareness Day.  Wearing BLUE shows your recognition of the disorder and that you are willing to learn more about it.


Huskies – wear that BLUE on Monday!  Show our school spirit!  Spread the word to family members and friends!


Autism is a disorder that is puzzling for students and adults.  It affects the way people interact, behave, learn and socialize with others.  Each person, child or adult, has their own strengths, gifts, abilities and needs to offer.  Everyone needs to have people understand their perspective and be compassionate and caring.  Autism can be described as unique, totally interesting and sometimes mysterious.  Listen, be patient, be kind and understanding.