Elmira Chicken Order Forms and $ Due Wednesday, March 30th

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For participating classes and students in the Junior and Intermediate divisions, do not forget that Elmira Chicken Order Forms and money are due back to the school on Wednesday, March 30th.


Participating students are doing so to raise money for end of year trips.  A portion of each chicken product sold goes directly back to the student selling.


Thank you to all those who were able to support our students!

Good Friday and Easter Monday – March 25th & 28th

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DGH school community, do not forget that this Friday, March 25th, and the following Monday, March 28th, are Good Friday and Easter Monday, respectively.


While it fills a bit odd to have a long weekend so soon after the March Break, this is one of those years where Easter falls early.


Hopefully the Easter Bunny has the opportunity to visit the home of all those who wish it!  I am certainly hoping that the Easter Bunny visits the Parish household!

DGH Skating Day on Thursday, March 24th

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Do not forget that DGH’s Skating Day at the Little Britain Arena takes place on Thursday, March 24th.  This is an opportunity for every student in our school to spend one of our blocks on the ice!


Click on the attachment to view the letter that went home early in March outlining additional information and skating times for each grade.




Please remember that every student skating must have a CSA approved hockey helmet.

Spring Flowers Delivery – Wednesday, March 23

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Thank you to all members of the school community who purchased flowers from the Parent Council Spring Flower Fundraiser.  All profits from the fundraiser will go into supporting students at our school.


Delivery will take place on Wednesday, March 23 between 3 and 6.


Thanks to Mr. Boudreault, one of our Parent Council Co-Chairs, who organized much of this fundraiser.

Pi Day!

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Chocolate…key lime…lemon meringue…pumpkin – this is the day to enjoy your favourite type of pie!  Although Pi Day isn’t really about the dessert!


Pi Day is a celebration of all things “Pi” – the number popularized as “3.14” (but the number is actually believed to go on forever).  If you have ever calculated the area of a circle or the volume of a cylinder, you have used Pi.


Celebrate the day with your slice of pie and check out the official “Pi Day” website below.


Pi Day Website






Parent Council’s Family Photo Night – April 6th

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The DGH Parent Council is happy to announce that it has organized a “Family Photo Night” for Wednesday, April 6th.  This is a great opportunity, for a reasonable cost, to have a family portrait taken that will be a memory for a lifetime.


Key Details
Time: 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
• please book your family’s appointment with the school office.
• on photo night, 1 to 10 digital portraits will be taken.
• there will be a $10 camera fee payable to Dr. George Hall Public School – which DGH keeps all of the $10 as a fundraiser.
• approximately 10 business days later you will be able to view your portraits and select a package.
• packages will be shipped to the school approximately 10 days after ordering.

BONUS –  8 X 10 Family Portrait with the purchase of a package.  Bonus package must be the same image selected in your package.

Payment is due at the photo shoot.
Call the school today to find out how to book an appointment!

Pajama Day Spirit Day This Thursday, March 10th

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Do not forget, students, that our next Spirit Day happens this Thursday: PJ Day!


What student would not want to start their March Break in this relaxing way!?!  For the low cost of $1, students can wear their PJs on Thursday – with all money raised going towards charities supported by the Student Council.


Thank you, Student Council, for organizing this Spirit Day!

March 11th – PA Day and March Break from 14th to 18th

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Parents and Guardians,


March 11th is a PA Day for the TLDSB.  The March Break follows the next week: March 14th to 18th.


Let’s hope that the weather continues to be nice!  Although “nice” weather is relative!  Our skiers will want cold weather to keep our snow, while our golfers will want warm weather to get the golf greens going!


Students – we hope you enjoy a safe and enjoyable break!

March’s Principal’s Message

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Double-digit temperatures on the plus side of the thermometer.  Temperatures around -30 Celsius.  Rain in the morning, freezing rain by noon and snow by afternoon…  Some snow to play in on the yard one day and bare grass the next!  You name the weather this winter and we have pretty much had it. All in the month of February no less!


All that being said, this month was a successful one.  Our school community was involved in a variety of activities and opportunities over course of the month.  As always, there seemed to be something for just about everyone!


Do not forget that there are website posts for most of the items discussed below.  Be sure to check out the DGH website regularly for posts.  All posts are also automatically sent to our Facebook page.  


• students in the Junior and Intermediate Divisions were involved in speech writing and presentations throughout the month.  This culminated with our gym level speeches on February 23 with each division’s top speakers presenting.  The quality of speeches was impressive (some of the best we have ever heard).

Our top 2 speakers from each division move onto the Woodville Legion’s Speech Competition on Wednesday, March 2.


• Mrs. McGregor’s / Mrs. Hadfields and Mrs. Arscott’s / Ms. Horton’s, and Ms. Stebbins’ classes enjoyed 3 skating days at the Little Britain Arena.  Staff and parents alike commented that the kids truly enjoyed themselves and a number of our younger students had large smiles on their faces when they returned to the school after each session.


• our grade 8’s have completed their course selections for grade 9 (graduation cannot be far away now!).


• Ms. Graham’s Intramural Floor Hockey for grade 6, 7 and 8 students was a huge success!  Thanks for organizing and running, Ms. Graham! Volleyball with be coming next.


• Mr. Boudreault and the Parent Council ran the always successful Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser which was delivered on February 11th.  The good news is that it was about -20 that day, which kept the product extremely frozen.  The bad news is that Mr. Boudreault had to be outside to get the product to parents who purchased!


• Mr. Boudreault and the Parent Council also began its Spring Flower Fundraiser on February 22nd, with forms and money due into the school on March 10th.


• Report Cards went out on Friday, February 19th.


• school volleyball teams have also been selected, with DGH fielding a Junior, Senior Boys and Senior Girls team this year.  Each of our teams look to be quite competitive this year!


March looks to be an equally busy month for the school community!  

• Ms. Graham already has her 4 on 4 intramural Volleyball league up and running for grades 6, 7 and 8 students.  A significant percentage of our students are participating (and loving it!).


• the grade 6s head to Yearly on March 1st and return on March 2nd.  The Yearly Trip is a GREAT opportunity for grade 6s, with all kinds of outdoor activities for students!


• the Parent Council’s Spring Flower Fundraiser ends on March 10th, with delivery taking place on March 23rd.


• the next Elmira Chicken Fundraiser for students in Mrs. Burns’, Ms. McColl’s, Mr. Hetherington’s, Ms. Graham’s and Mrs. Read’s classes will begin on Wednesday, March 9th.  Forms and money are due back into the school on Wednesday, March 30th.  Students receive a portion of each product sold towards the cost of his/her year end trip.


• our next Spirit Day takes place on March 10th: PJ Day!  For the low cost of $1, students can wear their PJs all day!  Money raised goes toward charities supported by the Student Council.


• our Parent-Teacher Interview Night is scheduled for the evening of Thursday, March 10th.  Staff will be meeting with parents to discuss students’ progress over the course of the year.  By now, an Interview Form letter should have come home providing parents with additional information.  If you have not received this letter, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.


• the following day, March 11th, is a PA Day for students.  Students will enjoy an early start to their March Break.  Staff will be focused on Math initiatives on this day.


• March Break runs from March 14th to March 18th.  School resumes on March 21st.


• our Jump Rope for Heart kick-off Assembly is on Wednesday, March 23rd.  This is a successful event each year at DGH and one that raises a great deal of money to fight a disease which has affected almost every family.  All of the money raised through Jump Rope for Heart goes directly to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


• a school-wide Skating Day at the Little Britain Arena has been arranged by Ms. Graham on Thursday, March 24th.  A letter will be going home soon with additional information.  Students in JK through grade 2 will be participating in the 1st Block, students in grades 3 to 5 will be participating in the 2nd Block and students in Mr. Hetherington’s grade 5/6 class and grades 6 to 8 will be participating in the 3rd Block.  The cost is $1 per student.


• Good Friday is on Friday, March 25th and Easter Monday on Monday, March 28th, with students returning to school on Tuesday, March 29th.  I hope the Easter Bunny visits all of our families (as I enjoy chocolate as much as anyone!).


• Zone Volleyball Tournaments for each of our teams takes place in the final week of March.  The top 2 teams from each of the Zone Tournaments will continue on to the County Tournaments.



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