DGH is a Happening Place!

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In the span of a 5 minute walk this morning, I ran into the DGH Band practising with Ms. Lucas, the DGH Cheerleading Team working with Ms. Arscott in the front foyer and saw the DGH Senior Boys Volleyball Team, coached by Ms. Jewell and Ms. McGregor, playing Mariposa.  A mix of activities for a wide variety of talented students!  Also, Ms. McColl’s and Ms. Burns’ classes will be heading off on a field trip today which includes roller skating.


Not to mention the DGH Skipping Team, coached by Ms. Burns, which has been regularly practising for the past month, the intramural volleyball tournament organized by Ms. Graham, the Elmira Chicken Fundraiser, organized by Ms. Graham, which the forms and money will be coming in for today, the flowers from the Parent Council Flower Fundraiser which arrived last week, the Dairy Educator who visited our Primary classrooms yesterday, our DGH Band, led by Ms. Lucas, which heads off to the Kiwanis Festival on Friday, our DGH Choir, led by Ms. Brabin and Ms. Lucas, which heads off to the Kiwanis Festival on Monday…well, you get the point!  DGH is a busy and happening place!


Thanks to the many students and staff who are involving themselves in such great activities and opportunities!


Go, Huskies, Go!