DGH Septic Issues

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Note: The information below was sent home with students in a letter today.  However, we know many of our parents and community members receive information via our school website and Facebook, so we are providing the same information via these social media formats.


The letter neglected to mention that ONLY the bottom of the South Yard in the area around the baseball diamond was affected.  I apologize for not including this key piece of information in the letter.


Dear Parents and Guardians:


This letter is to make our school community aware of a septic issue at our school. Our facilities department are working on a solution and the Ministry of the Environment and local Health Unit have been contacted.


The septic tank pump on our school grounds failed which resulted in an overflow. We have had the tank pumped and will continue to pump it out regularly until repairs are made and the system is back in operating order. Our school board facilities staff have fenced off the area and are following instructions from the Ministry of the Environment.


Students were not permitted on the affected field area (bottom of the South Yard) today while we assessed the extent of the overflow. We will continue to monitor the situation and only allow students to play where it is safe and unaffected by the current situation.




Darin Parish