Grade 8 Grad Photos – April 5th

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Say, “Cheese!”


The year’s end is drawing much, much closer!  Our grade 8s will have their grad photos taken on Tuesday, April 5th.  It is hard to believe, but that means Grade 8 grad is less than 3 months away!


Enjoy your photos, grad!

Good Luck, DGH Volleyball Teams

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Go, Huskies, Go!


Our Junior, Senior Girls and Senior Boys Volleyball teams all compete this afternoon in their respective Zone tournaments.  We know that you will do your best and make us proud!  All of your hard work is going to pay off today!


Go, Huskies, Go!

Voices Choir to Kiwanis Music Festival on Monday, April 4th

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Ms. Brabin and DGH’s Voices Choir heads to the Kiwanis Music Festival on Monday, April 4th.  On this day, choirs from all over the local area will be participating in this festival.


The Voices Choir has been active throughout the year, with members meeting and regularly practising.


The Kiwanis Music Festival is extremely popular and well-attended, so it offers our choir members the opportunity to participate with other great choirs.


Enjoy yourselves on Monday, Voices!

DGH is a Happening Place!

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In the span of a 5 minute walk this morning, I ran into the DGH Band practising with Ms. Lucas, the DGH Cheerleading Team working with Ms. Arscott in the front foyer and saw the DGH Senior Boys Volleyball Team, coached by Ms. Jewell and Ms. McGregor, playing Mariposa.  A mix of activities for a wide variety of talented students!  Also, Ms. McColl’s and Ms. Burns’ classes will be heading off on a field trip today which includes roller skating.


Not to mention the DGH Skipping Team, coached by Ms. Burns, which has been regularly practising for the past month, the intramural volleyball tournament organized by Ms. Graham, the Elmira Chicken Fundraiser, organized by Ms. Graham, which the forms and money will be coming in for today, the flowers from the Parent Council Flower Fundraiser which arrived last week, the Dairy Educator who visited our Primary classrooms yesterday, our DGH Band, led by Ms. Lucas, which heads off to the Kiwanis Festival on Friday, our DGH Choir, led by Ms. Brabin and Ms. Lucas, which heads off to the Kiwanis Festival on Monday…well, you get the point!  DGH is a busy and happening place!


Thanks to the many students and staff who are involving themselves in such great activities and opportunities!


Go, Huskies, Go!

DGH Septic Issues

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Note: The information below was sent home with students in a letter today.  However, we know many of our parents and community members receive information via our school website and Facebook, so we are providing the same information via these social media formats.


The letter neglected to mention that ONLY the bottom of the South Yard in the area around the baseball diamond was affected.  I apologize for not including this key piece of information in the letter.


Dear Parents and Guardians:


This letter is to make our school community aware of a septic issue at our school. Our facilities department are working on a solution and the Ministry of the Environment and local Health Unit have been contacted.


The septic tank pump on our school grounds failed which resulted in an overflow. We have had the tank pumped and will continue to pump it out regularly until repairs are made and the system is back in operating order. Our school board facilities staff have fenced off the area and are following instructions from the Ministry of the Environment.


Students were not permitted on the affected field area (bottom of the South Yard) today while we assessed the extent of the overflow. We will continue to monitor the situation and only allow students to play where it is safe and unaffected by the current situation.




Darin Parish


DGH Band to Kiwanis Music Festival on Friday, April 1st

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Ms. Lucas and the DGH Band will be participating in the Kiwanis Music Festival on Friday, April 1st.  This is a GREAT opportunity for the DGH Band, as many, many bands in the local area will be participating in this celebration of school-level music.


The band has been practising throughout the year and is ready to play!  This is a great opportunity for our students interested in music, as they get to meet other similarly minded students and have a chance to show everything they have learned.  To say that Ms. Lucas enjoys music would be a bit of an understatement, so she too is excited to participate.


Enjoy yourselves, DGH Band!

Zone Volleyball Tournaments on March 31!

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DGH’s Volleyball teams will be participating in their respective Zone Tournaments on Thursday, March 31st.  Each of the tournaments begins at 12:15 p.m..


The teams have been hard at work practising and participating in exhibition games for almost 2 months!  It seemed like one or more of our teams always had an exhibition game going at some point over the course of each week!  This is great dedication by both players and coaches alike.


Junior Volleyball Team (coached by Ms. Arscott) plays at Mariposa ES.


Senior Boys Volleyball Team (coached by Ms. Jewell and Ms. McGregor) plays at DGH.


Senior Girls Volleyball Team (coached by Mr. Eagleson) plays at Central Senior.


Thank you to Ms. Graham for convening the Senior Boys Volleyball Tournament at DGH.



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