Weather Day/Snow Day Info for Grade 6 Trip to Yearly

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Parents and guardians of grade 6 students – please read the information below containing contingency plans for the grade 6 trip to Yearly.  A letter did go home with grade 6 students containing the same information.


This short letter is to provide information regarding weather day procedures (i.e., school buses not running) and the grade 6 Yearly Trip.


-Ÿ should there be a weather day announced in the City of Kawartha Lakes region (the area that DGH belongs to) on Tuesday morning – the Yearly Trip would NOT take place and students would come to school as normal


Ÿ- should there be a weather day announced in the Muskoka region on Tuesday morning (the area in which Yearly is located) – the Yearly Trip would NOT take place and students would come to school as normal


Ÿ – if the trip does not take place on Tuesday, students would NOT be going up on the Wednesday, as the Yearly Trip is intended to be a 2 day programme


At this point, a decision has not been made regarding re-booking the Yearly Trip (should it be cancelled due to weather) as this is contingent upon available bookings later in the year and there not being conflicts with school events taking place.


We appreciate your patience in dealing with our Canadian weather as certain circumstances are beyond our control!


Please regularly check the board’s website to be kept aware of the weather day/buses running situation for both the CKL and Muskoka regions.  Please keep your fingers crossed!

Grade 6s to Yearley on Tuesday and Wednesday

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Our grade 6s will be heading off to Yearly (the TLDSB’s outdoor facility) this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Grade 6s from Mr. Hetherington’s and Ms. McColl’s classes will enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities (including hikes, orienteering and wildlife survival games) during their trip.


This is a great time of the year to go!  There are no flies yet!  As long as you dress for the weather (which can be just about anything at this time of the year!), you are sure to have a great time.


Thanks to Mr. Hetherington and Ms. McColl for organizing!

Leap Frog Spirit Day – Monday, February 29th!

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Thank you, Student Council, for organizing our next Spirit Day: LEAP FROG DAY!  It takes place on Monday, February 29th!


This Spirit Day is in honour of this being a Leap Year and Monday being a “Leap Day.”  We only get a Leap Year every fourth year and the “Leap Day” sometimes falls on a weekend…so we will enjoy this one!


Get creative, students!  What exactly can you wear and/or create for a “Leap Frog Spirit Day?”  Based on previous Spirit Days, I feel confident that we will have some very, very creative students out there!

DGH’s Talented Art Students!

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Check out 4 students’ original paintings based on Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”  These students are from Mrs. Read’s grade 8 class and the goal was to create an original piece of art that captured the feeling and tone of Van Gogh’s work.  As you will see below, the students definitely did that!


Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is at the very bottom of this post.  Check out his work and compare it to our students!


Sydney G’s Painting is Below



Mackenzie B’s Painting is Below



Evi G’s Painting is Below

Under the Sea


Sam B’s Painting is Below

Eiffel Tower


Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is Below

Starry Night


Pizza Hut Lunch AND Boston Pizza Lunch Will Be this Friday

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Parents, guardians and students – the Pizza Hut Lunch (scheduled for today) has been rescheduled to tomorrow (Friday) because of the weather day today.  The Boston Pizza Lunch is also tomorrow.


Students who ordered one or both of these lunches will receive them both tomorrow.  If they cannot eat both lunches (a pretty good bet, especially for our younger students!), they can pack one up and enjoy it for dinner.


Sorry for the inconvenience!

March 10th – Parent-Teacher Interview Night

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Parents and Guardians,


March 10th has been arranged as a Parent-Teacher Interview Night for all schools in the TLDSB.  You will have received by now (or will be receiving soon), a letter from your child’s homeroom teacher indicating what her/his interview schedule will look like.  It is is possible that some teachers will be conducting some of their interviews prior to this evening.


We encourage parents and guardians, whenever possible, to attend these interviews.  Open communication between home and school provides the best opportunity for student success.25

Grade 9 Course Selection on Friday

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Our grade 8s will be meeting with LCVI’s Guidance Counsellors this Friday to select their courses for grade 9!  The year is REALLY beginning to draw to a close now!


This is a big day for our grade 8s!

Grade 6 OPP KIDS Programme Continues Wednesday and Thursday

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Constable Lanning will be back on Wednesday and Thursday of this week to continue our grade 6’s OPP KIDS Programme.  Constable Lanning has been busy on the road as of late (she does her regular police duties, in addition to the KIDS Programme for DGH) – which has resulted in the programme running a bit behind schedule.


Our grade 6s are always happy to meet with her!



Parent Council Spring Flower Fundraiser Has Begun!

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Parents and Guardians,


The DGH Parent Council is excited to announce its Spring Flower Fundraiser!  The Parent Council choose this fundraiser based on the success of last year’s and this year’s Christmas Poinsettias flower sales.  As well, this is a practical fundraiser, since many people are beginning to think about the spring flowers they will plant this year.


Mr. Boudreault, who is taking the reins of this fundraiser, chose this company as both the quality and the value of the product is high.


Forms and an information flyer will be going home today with students.


All of the profits raised through this fundraiser will be used in one or more ways:


• the purchase of technology (e.g., SmartBoards or data projectors)

• the purchase of a Primary Wing Hydration Station

• the purchase of athletic equipment


All of the profits raised in Parent Council Fundraisers directly benefits students.


Key Information


Start Date: Monday, February 22nd


Forms and Money Collected Due Into School: Thursday, February 10th


Flowers Delivered to School: Wednesday, February 23rd


Thank you, Mr. Boudreault, for organizing this fundraiser!  It seems hard to believe that less than 2 weeks ago, Mr. Boudreault was outside in -25°C weather for the Little Caesars fundraiser and now he is organizing spring flowers!!!



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