December and January’s Principal’s Message

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What a difference a year makes!  By this point last year, we had a great deal of snow already (and a snow day or two).  Late November and December of this year have been spectacular if you like warmer weather, although not so great if you enjoy true winter sports.  It seems a bit hard to believe, quite frankly, that we are the better part of 4 months into the school year.  When we return from the Christmas Break the rest of the year will literally fly by.

As you read the information below, you will certainly get a sense of happenings at DGH.  As always, DGH remains a place where students have the opportunity to involve themselves in a variety of activities.  Academics…the arts…athletics (and not just your “traditional” sports)…there really is something for almost everyone!

By the time this post is completed Progress Reports will have gone home.  Should you have any questions, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.  The open line of communication easily resolves the vast majority of potential issues.  Parents and staff share the same goal – for your children to do as well as possible at school.

To say that activities at Dr. George Hall PS are fully underway again would be an understatement!


With December always comes DGH’s tradition of compassion and giving.  Our school community show its compassion in a variety of ways:


• numerous local families were support through the Christmas Families programme.  Whether it was food or gifts (such as toys and clothing), the DGH school community contributed in many ways.


• our Voices Choir and Band visited Retirement Homes on Monday, December 14th, bringing good cheer to local seniors.


• Intermediate students visited Retirement Homes on Thursday, December 10th.  This has been a DGH Intermediate tradition for years and gives our oldest students a chance to learn about the Christmas traditions of Retirement Home residents.  The connection between youth and our older generations is one that should be fostered and encouraged.


• the Christmas Shoppe especially gives our younger students the opportunity to purchase a gift (for a low cost) for immediate family members.  Thanks go to Ms. Walden for organizing this important event!


Students also found themselves engaged in many activities at the school:


• Ms. Arscott has started a new team at DGH – the very popular Cheerleading Team!  The team has proved to be extremely popular with our students – many have joined and the number of students doing cartwheels and rolls around the school has certainly increased!


• Mr. Hetherington is again coaching the Senior Girls Basketball team.  The girls have already had exhibition games and the team looks to be strong again this year.


• Ms. Brabin has taken over the Senior Boys Basketball team and they have begun their try-outs.


• our basketball teams will be competing in the Zone (and hopefully County) tournaments in late January.  Once the basketball season ends we move right into volleyball!


• Mrs. Burns’ and Ms. McColl’s classes held a Cookie Cafe and performance in the 3rd Block on Thursday, December 10th.  The cookies, according to Ms. McColl and Mrs. Burns, were delicious and the performances outstanding.  Over 100 parents, relatives and friends of the families came to the school for the Cookie Cafe.


• The Voices Choir and DGH Band have been practising for many weeks already and are sounding great!  Ms. Brabin is looking after the Voices Choir and Ms. Lucas the Band.


• Jimmy Chapman was a hit again.  Our Junior and Intermediate students completed their final breakdancing session last week – but are already looking forward to next year’s sessions!


• students in Mrs. Burns’, Ms. McColl’s, Ms. Graham’s and Ms. Read’s classes participated in the Elmira Chicken Fundraiser to raise money for end of year trips.  The fundraiser was a huge success!  Thank you to Ms. Graham for organizing.  In spite of the delivery arriving late, Ms. Graham had the chicken orders organized in record time and almost everything was picked up by 5:00 p.m.!


• on the same day and afternoon as the Chicken Fundraiser pick-up, Mr. Boudreault of the Parent Council organized the Poinsettia Fundraiser pick-up.  With the chicken being organized in the front foyer and the poinsettias being picked up on the stage, the front of the school was a little on the crazy side!  Ms. Starr and Ms. Taylor kept Mr. Boudreault organized!


• we should not forget the Christmas Activity Day which took place on Friday, December 11th.  More than half of our students participated – pictures of the day have been posted to the website and Facebook already.


Great things are happening at DGH every day!