Intermediate Gingerbread Houses from Friday, December 11th

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Our Intermediate students were busy on Friday, December 11th, as well!  While many of our younger students were involved in holiday activities, our Intermediate students were busy building their own gingerbread houses.


Below you will find photos from this creative (and tasty!) day.


Thanks for organizing Ms. Graham and Mrs. Read!

IMG_5172 IMG_5170 IMG_5166

IMG_5176 IMG_5175 IMG_5174 IMG_5173


IMG_5183 IMG_5182 IMG_5181 IMG_5180 IMG_5179IMG_5177   IMG_5174 IMG_5173

IMG_5340 IMG_5339 IMG_5337 IMG_5186 IMG_5185

IMG_5345 IMG_5344 IMG_5343  IMG_5341


IMG_5351 IMG_5350 IMG_5349 IMG_5347 IMG_5346

IMG_5356 IMG_5355 IMG_5354 IMG_5353 IMG_5352


IMG_5068 IMG_5067 IMG_5066 IMG_5358 IMG_5357


IMG_5154 IMG_5153 IMG_5151 IMG_5071 IMG_5069