DGH Spirit Day – November 12th – Sports Day

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Break out your favourite jersey!  You might want to wear some of your sports equipment to school (well, assuming it doesn’t smell too badly…)!  You can even wear a hat at school (assuming it has the logo of a sports team on it) on this day!  




This Thursday, November 12th is DGH’s first Spirit Day of the year and it is SPORTS DAY! 


Ms. Graham promises to break out her Dallas Cowboys jersey (even though it has not been a great year to be a Cowboys’ fan).  Mr. Hetherington is likely going to wear his Pittsburgh Steelers jersey (he is a HUGE fan of the Steelers (unfortunately)).  Ms. Read – I think it is a safe bet that she will be wearing something to do with her favourite team: Les Habitants (the Canadiens)!


While I (it is Mr. Parish writing this post) know the above staff members’ favourite teams, I am interested in finding out about some of our primary staff’s favourite sports and teams.  We will have to see what shirts and jerseys they pull out of the “locker” for Friday.


Students – let’s make this an AMAZING Spirit Day!  Let’s have HUGE participation!