DGH’s “Birdnado!”

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We didn’t get a chance to post these pictures on Wednesday; however, you can check out the pictures below for Dr. George Hall’s own “Birdnado!”  All of the students and staff who were outside between 8:40 and 8:55 on Wednesday morning saw what looked to be hundreds of birds flying in formation.  It was quite the sight!  The birds flew from over the arena to over the school and back again.


The kids that it was pretty awesome (although the tarmac was a bit messy in places after this…).


For those that know Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds,” this seemed eerily similar to that!


bird 3 birds 1 birds 2 birds 4 birds 5

Grade 6 OPP KIDS Programme

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Constable Lanning will be delivering the OPP KIDS Programme at DGH again this year.  The purpose of the KIDS programme is to encourage good decision-making skills in students.  KIDS stands for:







The programme begins on October 26tth and continues into December.

Constable Lanning Visits this Wednesday and Thursday

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Constable Lanning will be visiting our grade 7 class on Wednesday and our grade 8 class on Thursday to discuss Internet Safety.  This involves a variety of topics:


• cyberbullying,

• sending and revealing personal information,

• sexting, and

• general internet safety.


These are critically important topics for our students and we appreciate Constable Lanning coming in to provide her experience and expertise.

Good luck, DGH Cross-Country Team!

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DGH’s Cross-Country team heads off to the County Cross-County Meet today!  DGH will be sending a large team again this year – a team that has been practising hard for the past several weeks.


We thank all of the students who have been giving up lunch and recess time to practice.  Cross-Country is definitely one of the more gruelling sports!  Thanks also to Ms. Marsh, Ms. Stebbins and Ms. Brabin who are coaching this year’s teams.


First place or last place, what we care about is our students simply giving their best at the meet!


Thank you for representing Dr. George Hall!

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