Jimmy Chapman For Primary Students Today!

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Don’t forget that our Primary students will be participating in the Jimmy Chapman Breakdancing sessions today!  Each of our Primary classes will have a period with Jimmy.  
We are asking each student to pay $3 to cover half the cost of the sessions.  
Students should wear clothing that will be comfortable for this kind of activity.  
Should be a great experience for our students!

Jimmy Chapman for Primary Classes on Wednesday

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Students are counting down the days!  Jimmy Chapman is back for his first visit at DGH this year!  He will be working with our Primary classes this Wednesday (and for the next 2 Wednesdays).


We are asking students to pay $3 ($1 for each of the 3 sessions) and the school will cover the remaining cost ($3).


Each class’ session is approximately a period long.  2 classes will either be doubled up (we have only 6 periods in the day, but 7 Primary classes) or we will shorten each class’ session in order for each class to have a session with Jimmy Chapman.   Either way – every Primary class gets a session with Jimmy!


It’s going to be great again….!

Welcome Back, Constable Lanning

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Constable Lanning visits our grade 6 classes on October 26th and 27th (in the 1st Block) for the KIDS programme.  It’s all about the decision making, grade 6s!  Constable Lanning is always popular at DGH!

Good Luck, DGH Junior Soccer Team

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We wish the best of luck to our Junior Soccer Team, coached by Ms. Arscott, who head off to the County tournament on Thursday, October 22nd.  The Junior Team is a strong one this year and looks to be quite competitive at the tournament.


Win or lose – all we ever ask is that you do your best, Huskies!  Work hard and show your outstanding sportsmanship!



Good Luck Tomorrow, DGH Senior Girls and Boys Soccer Teams

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Go, Huskies, Go!


Our Senior Girls and our Senior Boys soccer teams compete at their respective Zone tournaments tomorrow.  The Girls’ tournament is at DGH and starts at 12:15 p.m..  The Boys’ tournament also starts at 12:15, but they play away from DGH.


Both teams have been practising hard for the past several weeks and their coaches (Ms. Graham for the girls and Mr. Hetherington for the boys) are experienced coaches.  Our teams should be ready to play hard on Thursday!


Thanks to Mr. Eagleson for convening the Girls’ tournament at DGH.

DGH Junior Soccer Team Success!

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Congratulations to the DGH Soccer Team who will be moving on to the County Junior Soccer Tournament!  Our Huskies won both of their games!  They defeated Mariposa 3 to 0 and Leslie Frost 3 to 1 in two very evenly matched battles.


The County Junior tournament is next Thursday, October 22nd.


Go Huskies Go!


“Jimmy Chapman” is back at Dr. George Hall

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Due to the overwhelming positive response by parents and students of DGH to last year’s breakdance session, we are very excited to announce that “Jimmy Chapman” is coming to Dr. George Hall once again! Students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 will have an opportunity to learn cool new “breakdancing moves” in a fun and inclusive setting. Jimmy will be visiting our school every Wednesday for six weeks starting October 28th. This initiative supports the dance and fundamental movement components of the Physical Education Program. Each class will participate in three breakdance sessions.  New moves and skills will be introduced each week. All students will be participating in this initiative as part of their regular gym time.  A schedule as to when your son or daughter will receive their sessions will be sent home closer to when the Jimmy Chapman sessions begin.


We do, however, continue to need the help of our DGH families in bringing this exciting new initiative to our school. Each student is asked to contribute $3.00 to help cover the costs associated with this presentation (that’s only $1.00 a lesson!). The remainder of the cost will be covered by school funds including fundraising. This is a fantastic opportunity for the girls and boys of DGH to experience this popular form of dance in a safe and supervised setting.

Good Luck Today, DGH Junior Soccer Team!

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Go, Huskies, Go!


The DGH Junior Soccer Team competes this afternoon in its Zone Soccer Tournament!  Ms. Arscott is coaching this year’s team (thanks, Ms. Arscott) and the Huskies are ready to rock!


Win or lose, so long as you play hard and do your best we will be happy with your effort.


Thank you, Ms. Graham, for convening the Zone tournament.



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