Students Signing Out for Lunch Procedure

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If you are new to DGH or your child has reached the age where they are allowed to sign out for lunch, some of the basic information is provided below.  A letter will be going home with students soon after school starts with more detailed information.

•Ÿ students will be permitted to sign out to go to the stores/restaurants or their own home for the 2nd Nutrition Break/Recess only.

•Ÿ students should NOT be travelling any further than the 4 “corners” as there are no stores or restaurants beyond this point.  In NO case should students be playing by the river or playing around the bridge as this represents a serious safety concern.  As well, the area around the arena is also out of bounds.

•Ÿ if your son/daughter is going to be allowed to sign out and visit the stores/restaurants or their own home on a regular basis (e.g., any day of the week), please provide a note stating that they will be allowed to do so.  Please include your child’s name, your name, and the date in neat and legible handwriting.  A list will be compiled from these notes and kept at the office.

•Ÿ if your son/daughter is only going to be allowed to sign out once in a while, please write a note and indicate that it is only for that day that he/she may sign out.  Your son/daughter should bring the note to the office at recess and leave it beside the sign in/out book in a neat pile with the other agendas that are there.

Lockers and Locks

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Students in Grades 4-8 will be assigned individual lockers.  Students are to bring their own lock; however, they must provide their homeroom teacher with the combination.  In the event that we have a problem with a lock brought from home, we may have to cut the lock to open it.  Please be aware that should a lock be cut (e.g., because we suspect there may be something inappropriate in a locker) the school will not cover the lock’s cost.


Lockers are school property and as such may be opened by school personnel at any time.  Use of a secure locker may be denied if proper care is not being demonstrated.

DGH Parking Lot Routines

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The DGH parking lot is a busy place in the morning and afternoon!  For that reason we are asking that all visitors to our school respect our parking lot routines.  This will help to keep our students safe during drop off and pick up times.


ŸONLY buses should be coming into the area immediately beside the school (the bus loading zone) between 8:30 a.m. and 8:55 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m..


ŸIf your vehicle is parked in the bus loading zone when the buses arrive and students are loading, please leave your vehicle parked until the buses have completely loaded or unloaded and have left the area.


ŸCars should NOT be parking along the north side of the parking lot in front of the garbage containers and along the grass leading to the road.  A number of our students walk along this area (especially in winter) and it is dangerous to have cars parking and exiting this area.


The parking lot area directly in front of the school is designated as a “fire truck zone” – meaning that any vehicle (other than a bus) that is parked there can be ticketed.  A number of tickets have been issued in the past few years.

Lockdown Practices

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DGH students will be involved in a number of “Lockdown” (Code Red) Practices throughout the year.  In a Lockdown Practice, students find a safe location in which to stay while the Lockdown has been announced.  Lockdown announcements are usually announced over the school’s PA system.  A typical Lockdown announcement would be “Staff and students we have a Lockdown situation.”


A Lockdown might be announced if there was a danger in the school or local area.


The goal in practicing Lockdowns is that students know exactly what to do should a Lockdown be announced.  Should your child come home and have questions or concerns regarding Lockdown practises (or his/her involvement in one) please discuss this with him/her and always feel free to contact the school if you require further information.


A second possibility that parents should be aware of is that of a “Hold and Secure” being announced.  A Hold and Secure might be announced if there was a less serious danger in the school/local area (e.g., a bear was seen close to the school or the police had alerted the school as to something taking place close to the school).  A typical Hold and Secure Announcement would be “Staff and students we have a Hold and Secure situation.”  If students were OUTSIDE (e.g., during recess) the school’s bells would be rung several times and students are expected to immediately return to their classrooms.


The purpose of this information is not to be alarmist, but rather to have students and staff practise this so that if it should ever have to be called that the response is one of routine and calm.

DGH is a Peanut Safe School

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DGH endeavours to be a “Peanut Safe School.”  We encourage all parents to NOT send food containing peanut, peanut products, or tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, etc…) to school.  DGH currently has students attending the school who are highly allergic to nuts and nut products.


Should a student mistakenly/accidentally bring a food item to school that contains or has come into contact with nuts, they will be asked to place the item back in their lunch bag.  Should the student absolutely need to eat that food item, they may do so in the office.


We recognize that it can be an inconvenience not being able to send peanut butter sandwiches or products containing nuts to school, however, we would all agree that if it was our child who had a life-threatening allergy we would want everything reasonably possible done to keep him or her safe.


Should you have any questions regarding our Peanut and Tree Nut Safe School Policy, feel free to contact the school’s office.

DGH’s School Calendar on School Website

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Looking for the most up to date location for information about the school?


The DGH Facebook page and DGH School Website is the best place to look for this information.  If you are reading this post on Facebook, you can simply click on the posting and you will automatically be taken back to the DGH school website.


You can also go directly to the DGH school website at:


The school typically posts at least one article each school day.


There is also a calendar on the DGH School Website on which we try to post everything taking place at the school.  While I would like to say that the school website and calendar is perfect, I sometimes miss posting things (sorry!).

School Schedule

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Class times, nutritional and recess times are as follows:


Entry Bell 8:55 a.m.
Period 1 9:00 – 9:50
Period 2 9:50 – 10:40
First Nutrition Break 10:40 – 11:00
First Recess 11:00 – 11:25
Period 3 11:25 – 12:15
Period 4 12:15 – 1:05
Second Nutrition Break 1:05 – 1:25
Second Recess 1:25 – 1:50
Period 5 1:50 – 2:40
Period 6 2:40 – 3:30
Dismissal 3:30


Welcome Back! School Resumes on Tuesday, September 8th

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As of late, the days seem a bit shorter.  The nights seem a bit longer and a little cooler.  While our students may not openly admit it, many are privately very excited – because school will soon start again!  Summer vacation is a great time; however, the excitement that comes from seeing friends again is hard to beat.  Truth be told, staff feel much the same way!


School begins on Tuesday, September 8th.


Ms. Johnston and Mr. Florence (our custodians) have been hard at work over the summer.  The gym floor is gleaming, the hallways are shining and the classrooms look phenomenal!  The school is ready to open!

Staff have been over the summer and especially in the past few days getting classrooms ready.  Notebooks have been pulled out, desks arranged and first day tasks prepared.

We are looking forward to again seeing our school community members!


We also hope that the 2015-2016 school year is a great one for your family and all members of the DGH community!

DGH Class Lists

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DGH school community – class lists will not be posted prior to Tuesday, September 8th.  The Trillium Lakelands District School Board made the decision, as a board, for all of its schools to no longer post class lists on the doors or windows of its schools.


As well, DGH had a large number of registrations this week (including today), which has impacted class lists.  Class lists continue to change as registrations come in.  Of course, student registrations are a great thing for DGH!


On Tuesday, September 8th, class lists will be posted at the back of the school around 8:40 a.m..  Primary class lists will be posted on the entry doors for Primary students (by Ms. Kirkpatrick’s and Ms. Marsh’s rooms).  Junior and Intermediate class lists will be posted by the Junior doors (by Ms. McColl’s, Ms. Burns’ and Ms. Chidley’s rooms).


Staff will be outside helping students find their classroom (our Junior and Intermediate students will be okay – but we know that our younger Primary students will likely need help!).


If it is raining, the same procedure will be followed, just in the foyer or the gym.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!


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Please remember to post the safe arrival number by your phone so you can call and leave a message should your child(ren) be absent.  When a student is absent and the school has not been informed, office staff go to great lengths to determine if the student is safe.  A short message on the Safe Arrival Line helps eliminate this issue.


The Safe Arrival Line is:




(this is the main line for the school – the voice box will be on before 8:15 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m.)

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