Dropping Off and Pick-Up Routines at DGH

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DGH is a busy place at the day’s beginning and end!  Following our routines helps us to ensure that all students are safe and accounted for.  School staff put a great deal of effort into making sure all students have ended up where they are supposed to be at the day’s end (whether that is walking home, taking the bus, going to daycare or getting picked up at school).  If a student is not where they are supposed to be, staff go to great lengths to determine where he/she may have gone (so it is much easier and less stressful for staff when we know where each student is supposed to be).

Parents dropping off students are reminded that students and parents are to use the crosswalk at the middle of the bus loading area to cross from the parking lot to the school.

Parents dropping off Kindergarten students in the morning or picking up Kindergarten students in the afternoon are asked to remain outside the fenced area.  This allows our staff to monitor the students very closely.  Please respect that we need these restrictions in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Parents meeting students at the end of the day are asked to meet the students in the main entrance foyer.  This ensures student safety.  Office staff appreciate a quick “I have my daughter/son” comment from parents/guardians when students are picked up at school.

Parents picking up students during the day are asked to report to the office and sign them out.  Office staff will call students from class and the students will meet their parents in the office.


Parents, please note that if your transportation plans change in the afternoon and you have to get a message about transportation to your child, please be sure to call by 2:15 p.m. at the latest.  This will help us ensure that your son/daughter receives the appropriate message.