Lockdown Practices

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DGH students will be involved in a number of “Lockdown” (Code Red) Practices throughout the year.  In a Lockdown Practice, students find a safe location in which to stay while the Lockdown has been announced.  Lockdown announcements are usually announced over the school’s PA system.  A typical Lockdown announcement would be “Staff and students we have a Lockdown situation.”


A Lockdown might be announced if there was a danger in the school or local area.


The goal in practicing Lockdowns is that students know exactly what to do should a Lockdown be announced.  Should your child come home and have questions or concerns regarding Lockdown practises (or his/her involvement in one) please discuss this with him/her and always feel free to contact the school if you require further information.


A second possibility that parents should be aware of is that of a “Hold and Secure” being announced.  A Hold and Secure might be announced if there was a less serious danger in the school/local area (e.g., a bear was seen close to the school or the police had alerted the school as to something taking place close to the school).  A typical Hold and Secure Announcement would be “Staff and students we have a Hold and Secure situation.”  If students were OUTSIDE (e.g., during recess) the school’s bells would be rung several times and students are expected to immediately return to their classrooms.


The purpose of this information is not to be alarmist, but rather to have students and staff practise this so that if it should ever have to be called that the response is one of routine and calm.