Good Luck, DGH Track and Field Team on Wednesday, June 10th

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Good luck to our Huskies at the County Track and Field competition this Wednesday, June 10th.  We will be sending a large Track and Field team to compete against other CKL and Haliburton-area schools.  Mr. Hetherington and Ms. Graham have been working the team for the past several weeks and are looking forward to seeing our students in our action.  Students have been practicing before school and at recesses – showing great commitment to the team.  As always, we appreciate your efforts and dedication.


Thanks also to Ms. Graham who is also helping convene the Track and Field competition.

County Track and Field – Wednesday, June 10th

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DGH will be sending its Track and Field Team (consisting of grades 3 to 8 students who qualified) to the County Track and Field meet on Wednesday, June 10th.


Students were selected for the team based on results from the DGH Track and Field Day held earlier in May.  In order to compete at the County Track and Field Meet you must at least be at “standard.”


For those who have not attended this meet before, it is a HUGE event with hundreds of students from all over the City of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton County area attending.  DGH has traditionally sent a large team each year and this year is no different!  The DGH Track and Field team has been hard at work with Mr. Hetherington and Ms. Graham in preparing for this day.


Good luck to all members of the DGH Track and Field team.  Keep showing us the competitiveness and sportsmanship that you have demonstrated throughout this year!


Go, Huskies, Go!

June’s Principal’s Message

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Have I mentioned how much I appreciate being in an air-conditioned building?  My past 2 schools (this is Mr. Parish writing the post) were not air-conditioned, so I am thoroughly enjoying the wonderful air-conditioning of Dr. George Hall PS!  This naturally brings me to the many other things I appreciate about being a Husky!


Students and staff should be proud of their combined achievements in May.  As will be obvious when you read this post, DGH students involved in many different activities over the course of the month.  Students embraced these opportunities and made the absolute best of them.


May was a blur!  Below, please find a short recap of the month’s events and an outline of our anticipated events for June.


May’s Happenings


Junior Craft Club took place, with Junior students having the opportunity to complete a craft for their Mother or a special person in their life.  Ms. Alexander ran the club and there was a huge turnout for the activity.  The students who participated looked extremely happy with their final products.  I have to confess that I was a bit worried when Ms. Alexander asked if we might have 10 or 15 hammers in the school for students to use…


Welcome to Kindergarten and the JiggaJump presentation were both hits.  Welcome to Kindergarten is the activity planned by the Kindergarten staff for next year’s JK students and is an opportunity for the new JKs and their parents to visit the school and classrooms.  While we met next year’s JK students, our current JK and SK students (along with the rest of the primary division) enjoyed a JiggaJump presentation in the gym.  Both events were definitely a success.


The Robotics Team, coached by Mr. Hetherington, went to the county competition.  While they did not finish in the top 3, Mr. Hetherington reported that they did well and worked together.  Regardless of their placement, it was wonderful seeing the level of engagement for so many of our students when building Lego Robots in the past few months.  Being able to program the robot, build it properly and then have it follow your instructions is no easy task!  Having to problem solve and demonstrate patience was a great experience for students.


Junior and Intermediate Track and Field took place on Friday, May 8th.  The day was a success!  Ms. Graham and Mr. Hetherington had the day organized down to the second!  A number of students achieved personal bests.  More importantly, the level of sportsmanship and support shown for one another was incredible.  Overall student behaviour was also excellent.  Thank you to the staff for their time in organizing the day and making it run so smoothly.


Club and Team Photo Day, organized by Ms. Cayley, was a success.  Taking the better part of an entire day to complete, these photos will be used in the Yearbook.  Ms. Cayley has been working away on the Yearbook for the past several months – with the final product sure to be impressive.


DGH’s Skipping Team won all 4 plaques at the county competition on June 11th (Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Open)!!!  There are 2 major reasons for the Skipping Team doing so well: commitment and dedication.  This was shown by the student team members and their head coach: Ms. Burns.  Months and months of practices paid off.  Students gave up many recesses and Ms. Burns gave up even more (practices are organized by division and/or category so team members did not have to attend all practices; Ms. Burns, as the head coach, led pretty much EVERY practice!).  4 plaques Skipping Team – impressive!  The Skipping Team also set a number of individual and group bests!


The Loonie Line Assembly, organized by Ms. Cayley (Ms. Cayley was an even busier staff member this month than usual!), was a huge success!  Ms. Cayley, Ms. Graham and the Me To We Team organized the assembly to recognize the many accomplishments of DGH’s students in terms of raising money for various charities.  Students also had the opportunity to add change to a “Loonie line.”  The money raised is being used to support the purchase of food and clean water for families in developing countries.


Our grade 3s participated in Swim To Survive.  The purpose of the programme is to provide students with the basic skills to survive a fall into deep water.  With the number of lakes in our local area and the number of families with swimming pools – this is certainly a worthwhile programme.  Thanks to the grade 3 staff for organizing.


Many of our grade 7 and 8 students participated in TLAC (Trillium Lakelands Arts Camp).  This week-long camp provides students with an interest in the Arts (which includes everything from drama to instrumental music) the opportunity to learn more individually, but to also work with other students with a similar passion for the Arts.  DGH has often sent a large number of students to TLAC and this year was no exception.


Primary Track and Field was held at DGH for the first time on Friday, May 22nd.  Ms. Schmiegelow took the lead in organizing the day, with the rest of the grades 1 to 3 staff helping to ensure the day was a success!  Not knowing what to expect (because it was a first for DGH), the primary staff were impressed with the level of effort shown by our younger students.


The Intermediate Golf Team Qualifier took place on May 28th.  Organized by Ms. Graham (who coaches the golf team), the Qualifier is necessary to choose the team for the County Golf Tournament in June.  DGH has a number of avid golfers – so the Qualifier helped to determine the best members for the DGH team.


June’s Upcoming Events


Scientists in the School visits Ms. Burns’ and Ms. McColl’s classes again on June 1st.  Hands-on, highly engaging science activity – what is not to love about this activity?


The Intermediates’ annual Bike Ride into Lindsay happens on June 2nd.  Students will be riding the trail into Lindsay.  After stopping for lunch in town, students will complete the ride back into the school.  Staff are predicting that students will sleep well that night!  The Intermediates are also using this as an opportunity to bring in donations for our local food bank.


The Kindergarten staff have organized a Family Gardening Day for parents of current JK and SK students on June 3rd and 4th.  After checking out the green space being created by Kindergarten in the fenced off area, families will have the opportunity to eat together during Nutritional Break.


Our grade 8 students visit LCVI on June 4th.  They will have an opportunity to tour LCVI and attend Lindsay’s portion of the Pan Am Games Torch Relay (very cool!).


While not the most popular event with students, it is an important one nonetheless: all grade 7 students get their Hep B needle on June 8 and grade 8 girls the HPV needle on June 8.


County Track and Field takes place on June 10th.  DGH will be sending a large team again this year.  Thank you to Ms. Graham, Ms. Carruth and Mr. Hetherington for your efforts in coaching the team.


Ms. Anderson’s, Ms. Kirkpatrick’s and Ms. Marsh’s classes are off on their Pingles Farm trip on June 12th.  It should be a great day!


Our grade 8s head off on their year-end trip to Quebec City on June 15th and return on 18th.  The trip to one of Canada’s most historic and beautiful cities is always amazing and should provide students with a lifetime of memories.  When the grade 8s head off on year-end trips you know that the end of the school year is just around the corner!


Our grade 7s are off to Niagara Falls on June 15th and 16th.  The opportunity to see the Falls never disappoints and this is a trip that Ms. Graham loves to do each year.


The grade 6s are at Camp Wanakita on June 17th and 18th.  This overnight trip is all about outdoor activities!  Students are physically active for most of their time at the camp and this trip is always a hit with students.


Ms. Adams’ and Ms. Schimegelow’s classes visit Kawartha Settlers Village on June 18th.


The County Intermediate Baseball tournament takes place on June 19th.  DGH will be sending a team again this year.


Grade 8 Graduation takes place on June 24th at 7:00 p.m. in the DGH gym.  Graduating students should be at the school by 6:30 p.m..  The dance immediately follows the ceremony and lasts until 11:00 p.m..


Report Cards go home for our JK through to grade 7 students on June 24th.


Grade 8 clap-out happens around 3:00 p.m. on June 25th.  At this time we will say goodbye to our graduating students and wish them the best of luck as they prepare for high school.


June 25th is also the last day of the 2014-2015 school year.  June 26th is a PA Day (staff will be at the school, but students will begin their summer vacation).











DGH’s Grade 8s Visit LCVI on Thursday, June 4th

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DGH’s grade 8 students will be visiting LCVI this Thursday. Students will get a tour of the high school (inside the school and also visit a few classrooms).  After the visit our students will also have the opportunity to watch the Pan Am Torch Relay as it passes through Lindsay (very cool!).


Have a great time, grade 8s!

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