Pingles Farm Trip Rescheduled to Wednesday, June 17th

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Parents of students in Ms. Anderon’s, Ms. Kirkpatrick’s and Ms. Marsh’s classes, hopefully your son or daughter brought home a letter letting you know that the trip has been rescheduled to Wednesday, June 17th!  If you have not seen the letter, then this post will keep you in the loop!


The trip takes place almost entirely outdoors, so be sure to dress for the weather.  It should be a fun trip!


After all of the rain that took place last Friday, we are hoping for better weather on Wednesday!

DGH County Track and Field Success!

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Congratulations to the DGH Track and Field on its success at the County Track and Field Meet on Thursday, June 11th!  The team put forth an outstanding effort!  Below you will find all of our team and individual accomplishments.


DGH is bringing home ANOTHER overall team banner – as the Senior Boys Champs!


Carter C was the overall individual Senior Boys Champ (which means he was the top Senior Boy at this year’s meet – a HUGE accomplishment).


Overall Individual and Team Results

Duncan Watson 4X400m Relay – 2nd place for DGH

Senior Girls 4X100m Relay – 4th place for DGH

Senior Boys 100m – 1st place Carter C

3rd place for Andy P

Senior Boys 4X100m Relay – 3rd place for DGH

Senior Boys 200m – 2nd place for Carter C

Senior Boys 1500m – 6th place for Sebastian J

Senior Boys Shot Put – 1st place for Kyle R

Senior Boys Long Jump – 2nd place for Carter C

Intermediate Girls 800m – 6th place for Sammy L

Intermediate Girls Triple Jump – 1st place for Samantha B

Intermediate Boys Shot Put – 2nd place for Tye W

–  4th place for Braedon S

Junior Girls 100m – 3rd place for Maddy R

Junior Girls 400m – 2nd place for Maddy R

Junior Girls Long Jump – 1st place for Maddy R

6th lace for Mackenzie M

Junior Girls Triple Jump – 2nd place for Emma L

Junior Boys 100m – 2nd place for Ethan C

Junior Boys 4X100m – 2nd place for DGH

Junior Boys Long Jump – 2nd place for Ethan C


Thank you to our students for the time and effort put into practising for Track and Field.  Track and Field is definitely one of those sports where practising is critical – these results were only achieved with a great deal of sweat!

Thank you to Mr. Hetherington and Ms. Carruth for coaching the Track and Field team.  Thank you to Ms. Graham who also helped with the Track and Field team and who also helped to convene the Track and Field Meet.

CANCELLED – Pingles Farm Trip for Ms. Anderson’s, Ms. Kirkpatrick’s and Ms. Marsh’s Classes on Friday, June 12th

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Parents and guardians of students in Ms. Anderson’s, Ms. Kirkpatrick’s and Ms. Marsh’s classes – the trip to Pingles Farm scheduled for Friday, June 12th has been CANCELLED.  The weather for tomorrow is calling for a high percentage chance of rain and thunderstorms which is a significant issue since almost all of the trip takes place outdoors.


The primary staff involved are currently looking to RESCHEDULE the field trip; however, we do not yet have that information.  A letter will be going home with each student in these classes and,  hopefully, a rescheduled date can be provided.  If the trip cannot be rescheduled, money for the trip’s cost will be refunded to families.


The decision to reschedule has been made in advance as it is difficult to let parents and guardians know in the morning whether or not the trip is a “go.”  We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause for families (unfortunately we are not yet able to control the weather!).

County Track and Field is TOMORROW (Thursday, June 11th)

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A reminder that County Track and Field is TOMORROW (Thursday, June 11th) for DGH’s Track and Field team.


We know that you will be excellent ambassadors for our school!  The team has been practising hard for the past several weeks and DGH usually has a very competitive team.  Regardless of your results – we really value your effort and determination.  Do your best and we will count that as success.


Go, Huskies, Go!

Support the DGH’s Parent Council’s Goal of Purchasing a Hydration Station!

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DGH’s Parent Council is running its final fundraiser for the 2014-2015 school year – the popular and successful Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser.  The Parent Council again chose the pizza fundraiser as it is extremely practical (many families love pizza and the Little Caesars product is reasonably priced and of a high quality).


This Parent Council Fundraiser has an extremely clear and worthwhile purpose – to purchase a “Hydration Station” for the school.


Order forms should have already gone home with your son or daughter.  If they have not, please contact the school office at 705-786-1915.  Order forms and money are due into the office on Thursday, June 11th. 


You may have seen a “Hydration Station” at an arena or a high school.  Hydration stations are a step up from a school’s traditional water fountain.  You can easily fill a water bottle in a few seconds; unlike the eternity it seems to take to fill a water bottle in water fountain.  The water bottle is placed upright in the hydration station, you push a button and the water bottle is filled.


Our school’s reasoning is that students will drink more water (and more often use refillable water bottles) if it is more convenient to do so.


If enough money is raised from this Little Caesar’s Pizza Fundraise, the hydration station will be purchased and installed at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.  If not enough money is raised in this fundraiser, additional monies from fundraisers next year will be used, as well.


The DGH Parent Council thanks you for your support of its school initiatives.

Grade 8s on Quebec City Trip – Monday, June 15th to 18th

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The year must almost be done – the grade 8s year-end trip is here!  Ms. Read has organized the Quebec City trip and it looks to be a great one!  They leave on Monday, June 15th and return on Thursday, June 18th.


The trip involves students in any number of sure to be fun activities.  Along with a cruise on the St. Lawrence River, students will also be visiting any number of historical landmarks.


Enjoy yourselves.  This is sure to be a trip to remember!

County Golf on Friday, June 12th

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The golf team has been picked and Ms. Graham has them ready to tear up the green (err…perhaps the wrong phrase given that they will be on a golf course!).  They are ready to give their best effort!  Ms. Graham has 2 golf teams selected and both teams are looking forward to the day.


We wish them good luck, of course, and we know that they will be excellent ambassadors for DGH.   Enjoy yourselves and we will hope for great weather that day.

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