Grade 8 Graduation Success!

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Congratulations to our Grade 8 Graduates!  Last night’s graduation was a success!  10 years of effort in elementary school has prepared you for the next stage in your life.  Crossing the stage for graduation is ALWAYS a magical moment for both yourself and your families.


The graduates looked wonderful last night (all of the parental efforts in terms of shopping and hair appointments were certainly worth it).  DGH staff, as they always do, did a wonderful job with the overall evening’s organization and decorations.


Congratulations also go to individual award winners.  This was a very talented graduation group; individual award winners had to do extremely well to win an award!


A special thanks go to the many staff involved in graduation: the entire custodian team (Ms. Johnston, Mr. Florence and Mr. Stone) who solve a hundred different problems during the evening, Ms. Taylor and Ms. Starr who are the “behind the scenes” organizers of so many things to do with the night, Ms. Read who looks after the overall organization, the programme and the artwork, Ms. Cayley and Ms. Thurston who spent many, many hours making the decorating happen, Ms. Graham and Mr. Hetherington who got the shrubs and greenery and Ms. MacEachern who emceed the evening.