DGH Primary Track and Field Success!

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Ms. Schmiegelow and Ms. Marsh took the DGH Primary Track and Field team to the Primary County Track and Field Meet on Tuesday, June 16th.  Thanks to both staff members for coaching the team.


The day was a success!  Aside from the results (which are listed below), the team demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and team spirit – which is what we truly care about.  Great job, Huskies!


Overall Results


2 X 250m Relay – 1st Place for Alanna L and Lucas D


Tyke Girls


250m – 6th place for Katie W

Ball Throw – 3rd place for Danika M

Standing Long Jump – 5th place Katie W


Tyke Boys


50m – 2nd place for Carson L

100m – 3rd place for Kyle W

250m – 3d place for Kyle W

Standing Long Jump – 4th place for William L

Long Jump – 5th place for Carson L


Novice Girls


50m – 5th place for Courtney C

100m – 3rd place for Alanna L

250m – 1st place for Alanna L


Novice Boys


Ball Throw – 2nd place for Lucas D

Standing Long Jump – 3rd place for Lucas D

Long Jump – 4th place for Barok P