DGH County Track and Field Success!

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Congratulations to the DGH Track and Field on its success at the County Track and Field Meet on Thursday, June 11th!  The team put forth an outstanding effort!  Below you will find all of our team and individual accomplishments.


DGH is bringing home ANOTHER overall team banner – as the Senior Boys Champs!


Carter C was the overall individual Senior Boys Champ (which means he was the top Senior Boy at this year’s meet – a HUGE accomplishment).


Overall Individual and Team Results

Duncan Watson 4X400m Relay – 2nd place for DGH

Senior Girls 4X100m Relay – 4th place for DGH

Senior Boys 100m – 1st place Carter C

3rd place for Andy P

Senior Boys 4X100m Relay – 3rd place for DGH

Senior Boys 200m – 2nd place for Carter C

Senior Boys 1500m – 6th place for Sebastian J

Senior Boys Shot Put – 1st place for Kyle R

Senior Boys Long Jump – 2nd place for Carter C

Intermediate Girls 800m – 6th place for Sammy L

Intermediate Girls Triple Jump – 1st place for Samantha B

Intermediate Boys Shot Put – 2nd place for Tye W

–  4th place for Braedon S

Junior Girls 100m – 3rd place for Maddy R

Junior Girls 400m – 2nd place for Maddy R

Junior Girls Long Jump – 1st place for Maddy R

6th lace for Mackenzie M

Junior Girls Triple Jump – 2nd place for Emma L

Junior Boys 100m – 2nd place for Ethan C

Junior Boys 4X100m – 2nd place for DGH

Junior Boys Long Jump – 2nd place for Ethan C


Thank you to our students for the time and effort put into practising for Track and Field.  Track and Field is definitely one of those sports where practising is critical – these results were only achieved with a great deal of sweat!

Thank you to Mr. Hetherington and Ms. Carruth for coaching the Track and Field team.  Thank you to Ms. Graham who also helped with the Track and Field team and who also helped to convene the Track and Field Meet.