Have a Wonderful and Safe Summer!

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The DGH staff would like to wish all of our students and families a wonderful summer break.  We hope that there is lots of opportunities for family time and that everyone has an opportunity to relax at least a little bit.


The DGH staff will see you back at school on Tuesday, September 8th.

Grade 8 Graduation Success!

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Congratulations to our Grade 8 Graduates!  Last night’s graduation was a success!  10 years of effort in elementary school has prepared you for the next stage in your life.  Crossing the stage for graduation is ALWAYS a magical moment for both yourself and your families.


The graduates looked wonderful last night (all of the parental efforts in terms of shopping and hair appointments were certainly worth it).  DGH staff, as they always do, did a wonderful job with the overall evening’s organization and decorations.


Congratulations also go to individual award winners.  This was a very talented graduation group; individual award winners had to do extremely well to win an award!


A special thanks go to the many staff involved in graduation: the entire custodian team (Ms. Johnston, Mr. Florence and Mr. Stone) who solve a hundred different problems during the evening, Ms. Taylor and Ms. Starr who are the “behind the scenes” organizers of so many things to do with the night, Ms. Read who looks after the overall organization, the programme and the artwork, Ms. Cayley and Ms. Thurston who spent many, many hours making the decorating happen, Ms. Graham and Mr. Hetherington who got the shrubs and greenery and Ms. MacEachern who emceed the evening.

Report Cards Go Home Today (Wednesday, June 24th)

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Parents and guardians, Second Term Report Cards have been distributed to students this afternoon.  Report Cards should be in mailbags (for our JK and SK students), planners (folded in the plastic pouch at the front) or folded and placed in backpacks.


As you may know, there will not be comments on the report cards, but there are marks for the subjects taught this term.  There is a short message from Director Hope attached to each report card.


For families who require 2 copies of report cards, we will do our best to send a second copy home tomorrow (Thursday, June 25th).  If we are unable to do so tomorrow, we will send a second copy via the mail.

Grade 8 Graduation Tonight at 7:00 p.m.

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One of the BEST days of the year takes place tonight at 7:00 p.m. – Grade 8 Graduation!  Graduation takes place in the DGH, with the dance to follow at approximately 8:30 p.m..


Students – you have done it!  After 10 years of elementary school preparation, you are ready to move onto high school.  All of your efforts have paid off.  Enjoy yourselves tonight.  Take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments (and EVERY student has many accomplishments of which they should be proud).


Parents – be proud of your daughter’s and son’s accomplishments!  They have all grown and matured and are ready for the next step in their lives.



Grade 8 Grad Breakfast – Tuesday, June 23

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Parents and guardians of grade 8 students, the DGH Grad Breakfast will be Tuesday, June 23 beginning after our morning announcements.


A number of staff and other volunteers (Mr. Boudreault – our Parent Council Co-Chair and Mr. Adams – Ms. Adams’ husband) will be coming in early to begin the breakfast and it will be served after announcements.  Mr. Parish will also be cooking; hopefully this does not lead to unexpected cases of food poisoning the day before graduation!


Thanks to all those helping to put on the breakfast.



Reminder – Grades 1 to 3 Play Day on Monday, June 22nd

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Parents and guardians – do not forget that tomorrow (Monday, June 22nd) grades 1 to 3 will have their Play Day.  Should be a great day for all involved!


Be sure to dress for the weather!  Sunblock and a hat would be a great idea!  Be sure to pack a water bottle(s) and a full lunch (they are going to be active!).

Good Luck, DGH Senior Baseball Team

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Go, Huskies, Go! 
DGH’s Senior Baseball Team is headed off to the County Baseball Tournament  today.   Ms. Graham is coaching the team and is looking forward to the day.  
Have a great day and enjoy yourselves!

Grades 1 to 3 Play Day on Monday, June 22nd

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Parents and and guardians of students in grades 1 to 3, Monday, June 22nd is Play Day at DGH!  While this will be my first DGH Play Day – I have a pretty good idea of the events that will be taking place.  The events, as always, will be great fun!  With only a few days left in school – this is a perfect way to start the final week!


While we do not know what the weather will be like on Monday, be sure to properly dress your son or daughter for the day.  This would include:


– sunscreen

– hat

– running shoes

– t-shirt

– water bottle

– a full lunch


Thanks to the grades 1 to 3 staff for organizing!


Little Caesars Pick-up is Tonight (Thursday, June 18th)

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Parents and Guardians:


Thank you for your generous support of the Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser!  Profits from the fundraiser are going towards the purchase of a hydration station for the school.


Pick-up is at the school tonight, Thursday, June 18th, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m..

Please remember that the school does not have the freezer space to store orders (it’s a whole lot of pizza coming in tonight!!!).

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