DGH Track and Field Day Tomorrow

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Parents and students, do not forget that we are hoping to complete our Grades 3 to 8 Track and Field Day on Monday, May 11th.  This will be dependent on the weather.


There are a few field events from Friday to complete on Monday, along with our final races.


A Few Reminders:

• dress for the weather (shorts and a t-shirt are the best bet; however, if it is cooler you may want to bring track pants and a sweater)


•  plenty of water


• electronics like cellphones, iPods and iPads are not allowed outside (which is the school’s standard policy)


• let’s keep showing our great school spirit!  If you are not competing, cheer on your fellow athletes and students!

DGH Robotics Team Competes Tomorrow

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Good luck to DGH’s Robotics Team which is heading off to the board-wide meet tomorrow, Friday, May 8th.  Mr. Hetherington will be taking 5 students to the competition.


Students have been building robots, off and on, for the past couple of months and have programmed complicated routines into their robots.


The engagement level for students involved in building and programming the robots has been EXTREMELY high!


Have fun, Robotics Team – it should be a great day for you!

DGH Club and Team Photo Day is Wednesday, May 13th

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Please note, DGH school community, that all Club and Team photos will be taking place on Wednesday, May 13th.  These photos are for the DGH Yearbook.  The photos take the majority of the day.


If at all possible, if your daughter or son has been in a club or on a team, please try to have them at school on this day.


Thank you, Ms. Cayley, for organizing.

Urgent! Grade 3 to 8 Track & Field Date is NOW Friday, May 8th

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Grade 3 to Grade 8 Track and Field Date has been CHANGED to Friday, May 8th FROM Monday, May 11th and Tuesday, May 12th.


DGH school community, due to the weather that is predicted for Monday and Tuesday (which is a high possibility of rain), the decision was made to change the first day of Track and Field to Friday, May 8th.  Friday looks to be a spectacular day in terms of weather (sunny and warm!).  The goal will be to squeeze in as many of the events as possible on the Friday.


There are a number of other events taking place next weeks (Club and Team Photos on Wednesday, Skipping Competition on Thursday) and the unpredictability of weather which makes it difficult to push Track and Field back further.


Friday, May 8th looks to be sunny and warm (about 26°C), so sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water will be important.  As always, dress in layers (students will likely to be able to wear shorts and a t-shirt for the day, but it never hurts to pack a sweater and track pants “just in case!”).


We apologize for the date change; however, we wanted the best opportunity and weather for Track and Field.






DGH Track and Field Days – May 11th and 12th

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DGH school community, our school level Track and Field Event takes place on May 11th and 12th.  This is a popular day for many of our students!  While placement ribbons are given out, the day is REALLY about participating to the best of your ability!  First or last – if a student has put forth her/his best effort – that is what counts on Track and Field Day.


May 11th will be a “full day” of Track and Field Events.  May 12th will have “final races” taking place.


Please ensure that your daughter or son are dressed appropriately and prepared for the day:

• shorts and a t-shirt (but bringing track pants and a sweater would be a good idea if it is a cooler day)

• running shoes

• a hat (even thought it is not summer, the sun is strong enough for bad sunburns)

• sunblock (it is a good idea to put it on before coming to school, too)


Students Compete in the Following Categories:


Junior:                     9 and 10 years-old (born 204-2005)

(100m, 400m, Long Jump and Triple Jump)


Intermediate:          11 and 12 years-old (born 2002-2003)

(100m, 200m, 400m (school only), 800m, Long Jump, Triple Jump and Shot Put)


Senior:                     13+ years-old (born 2001)

(100m, 200m, 400m (school only), 1500m, Long Jump, Triple Jump and Shot Put)


Additional Information

• please be sure to bring a full lunch with lots of water for these days.  Students will be active and outside for much of the day, so being hydrated will be important!




• students ARE NOT allowed to bring their cellphones, iPads/iPods and other electronics outside (which is the school’s standard policy)


• students ARE NOT allowed to take footballs, soccer balls and other items like that outside during Track and Field.  In past years this has been an issue.

DGH Yearbooks Can Still be Ordered!

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Didn’t get a chance to order a DGH Yearbook when the order forms first went out?  Or, maybe you just plain forgot to order one?


No worries!  Mrs. Cayley is still taking orders!


This year is DGH’s 20th anniversary, so it is a Yearbook you will want to have!  The yearbook will be a full colour edition with photos of the many memorable times and events taking place at DGH this year.  Team and Club photos take place next Wednesday (as an example).  Delivery of yearbooks will take place in June.


While a paper copy of this order form has gone home, a scanned and printable version is attached.  Just click on the link below, print and return to the school with your $25 cheque in a sealed envelope or ziplock bag with your child’s name and homeroom teacher clearly written on the outside.  Cheques are preferable to cash.


Click here for Yearbook Order Form


Thanks for organizing, Mrs. Cayley!

Neon Colour Spirit Day – May 15th

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Are bright colours your thing?  Have you ever wondered what one of the popular fashions was for a time in the 1980s?  Then we have the DGH Spirit Day for you: Neon Colours!


Outrageous Orange.  Bodacious Blue.  Pugnacious Pink.  The Neon fashion craze was all about wearing the brightest and loudest colours possible!


Our previous post mentioned that Friday, May 15th will be our Loonie Line Assembly.  In addition, the Student Council Team is asking students to dress in Neon Colours on the 15th.


DGH, let’s make our Loonie Line Assembly STAND OUT (from a colour perspective!).  Break out the neon colours!

Loonie Line Assembly and Neon Spirit Day – Friday, May 15th

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One of DGH’s more popular AND socially conscious events takes place on Friday, May 15th – THE LOONIE LINE ASSEMBLY!


Loonie Line Assembly and Neon Day Announcement


What Is It All About?


• click on the link above to check out the poster and information for this event


• the basic information is that the Me to We Student Council Team is asking students and staff to bring spare change (MAKE SURE YOU ASK PARENTS FIRST!) to put down on a “loonie line.”


• all of the money raised is used to support 2 initiatives: a Farm Animal Bundle and Clean Water for Life.


• the Farm Animal Bundle provides families with 3 goats and 15 chicks so that they can feed themselves with food


Clean Water for Life provides a family in a community with clean water.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal?  Did you know that children (often girls) in developing nations spend hours each day in the search for clean water rather than attending school?  The money raised, in part, will help provide clean and accessible water for families and girls in this situation.


Why Is the Me To We Team Doing This?


• to participate in We Day each year, the Me to We Team has to commit to supporting charities: local, national and international.  The Farm Animal Bundle and Clean Water for Life supports international charities.


• frankly, as a school staff, we think it is amazing that elementary aged students are mature and socially conscious enough to take on responsibilities such as this.

Welcome to Kindergarten Reminder – Thursday, May 7th

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Parents of next year’s JK students (JK  students beginning in September 2015), do not forget that Thursday, May 7th is our Welcome to Kindergarten Meeting in the 1st Block.


On this day, next year’s JKs and their parents will have the opportunity to visit the school and the Kindergarten classrooms in our 1st Block (9:00 a.m. to 10:40 a.m.).  They will have the opportunity to visit the classrooms and see what a typical Kindergarten classroom looks like and get a sense of school routines.  The chance to see other parts of the school will also occur.  One or both of our school’s Parent Council Co-Chairs will be there to greet students and parents.  Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions about the programme and school routines.


This is a GREAT day for next year’s JKs!  For students and parents this is a huge step in their lives.

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