Grade 3 Swim To Survive

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Our grade 3 students enjoyed their first Swim to Survive session yesterday (Wednesday, May 20th) at the Lindsay Recreation Centre.


Grade 3 students will also attend Swim to Survive sessions on May 27th and June 3rd.


The Swim to Survive is an excellent programme!  Given that this part of Ontario has so many lakes, rivers and ponds, it is important for all of us to have a basic set of swimming skills.  The Swim to Survive programme is designed to provide a person with the skills to survive an unexpected fall into deep water.  It is not a replacement for proper swimming lessons.


Thank you to Mrs. Adams and Ms. Schmiegelow for organizing!

Primary Track and Field Day – Friday, May 22nd

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This Friday, May 22, DGH will be having its FIRST EVER Primary Track and Field day.  All students from grades 1-3 will be participating in a selection of running and field events.  Running events include a 50 m, 100 m, 300 m and a 2 x 250 m (a relay team comprised of 1 boy and 1 girl) race.  Field events will include standing broad jump, running long jump and a ball throw.


Please make sure your child comes to school dressed appropriately for this event with proper footwear and a hat.  Sunscreen, a water bottle and a towel or blanket to sit on are highly recommended. Freezies will be available for $1.00.  If the weather is cooler (as it looks to be on Friday) your child should dress in layers (bringing a sweater and track pants, too, might not be a bad idea!).


We look forward to a fun day ahead!


Thanks to the Primary Staff for organizing this day.

Grade 7s and 8s to Racing Against Drugs Today

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DGH’s grade 7 and 8 students will be headed off to “a Racing Against Drugs” presentation during blocks 2 and 3 today.  Approximately 1000 students in the City of Kawartha Lakes will be participating in this programme over the course of this week!


The purpose of Racing Against Drugs is to provide students with information on the perils and pitfalls of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  The information is organized at “pit stops.”  This Racing Against Drugs presentation has been organized by the City of Kawartha Lakes OPP.


You can check out this link from CHEX TV for additional information.  The story even includes a video of our local Community Police Officer – Constable Lanning (who regularly visits and makes presentations to our students).


DGH Skipping Success!

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Why are Ms. Burns (coach), Sydney Taylor (skipper) and Ms. Horton (coach) smiling!  The DGH Skipping Team (The Husky Hoppers) won 4 Skipping Championships today: Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Open!!!!!!!


Congratulations, DGH Skippers!  Ms. Burns, Ms. Horton and Ms. McColl – all of your hard work paid off!


More details to follow.

DGH’s Skipping Team Competes Thursday, May 14th

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All of the hard work is about to pay-off!


The DGH Skipping Team, which has been practising for MONTHS!, is preparing to head off to the board-wide competition on Thursday, May 14th.  To say that Ms. Burns has a slight passion for the Skipping Team would be a bit of an understatement!  The DGH Skipping Team has 58 members (or more than 20%(!) of the school’s student body).


Many skipping team members will be sporting their new “Husky Hoppers” t-shirts.  There is a just a wee bit of pride in their accomplishments (as well there should be!).


Skippers will be competing in different age categories:

• Primary

• Junior

• Intermediate

• Open (which is a mix of ages)


Skippers will be competing in many different events: 

• Individual events: 30 second speed and double unders

• Team events: Speed Relay, Double under relay, freestyle (dance routines), double dutch

• Master Events: 3 Minutes speed, 3 minute double under, 3 minute double dutch

• Endurance event: double unders



Neon Colours Day THIS Friday!

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Do not forget, students, that this Friday, May 15th is NEON COLOUR DAY!


The brighter and bolder the better!


Students will certainly stand out on Friday at the Loonie Line Assembly!

DGH Club and Team Photo Day Tomorrow

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A reminder, DGH school community, that Club and Team Photo Day takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, May 13th.  If your child has been on a Club or Team during the school year, please try to ensure that they are at school tomorrow.

Friday, May 15th – Neon Colours Spirit Day and Loonie Line Assembly

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DGH community, do not forget that we have 2 very important activities taking place on this Friday, May 15th.


Neon Colours Spirit Day


• the brighter the better!


• anyone around in the 1980s is well aware of neon colours!


• keep the school spirit going, DGH!


Loonie Line Assembly


• if you have spare change at home, Friday is the day to bring it!  Make sure to ask your parents first, though!


• all of the money raised will go towards supporting 2 international charities that the DGH Me To We team is currently supporting

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