Grades 7 and 8 Bike Trip – Tuesday, June 2nd

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As mentioned in a previous post, we can tell that the school is getting close to the end because of the many different activities taking place!  Being new to the school this year (this is Mr. Parish writing the post), I am learning about all of DGH’s traditions.  One of the cooler traditions is a grades 7 and 8 Bike Trip between the school and Lindsay.


A very cool and interesting aspect of Intermediate students and the Intermediate division is that you can do things with them that you cannot necessarily do with other grades.  The Bike Trip is really an excellent way for our Intermediate students to bond.  Our grade 8s will be soon heading off to high school and our grade 7s have only 1 year remaining in their elementary schooling (which will pass amazingly quick next year!).  In some respects, the Bike Trip is likely one of those experiences that they will never forget.


Thank you to the Lindsay Boys and Girls Club which is lending several bikes to DGH students for the day (they have supported DGH this way in the past, as well).  This allows all of our students to participate if they wish.


All students will need to wear a bicycle helmet and should come dressed for the day and the weather.  Please check the weather that morning and dress for the temperature and conditions.