DGH’s Peace Garden

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Ms. Jewell’s Notes from the Garden

Our warm weather has brought colour to the garden…both flowers and weeds!  This year gardening began before the snow was completely gone!  Landyn Bowen submitted a proposal for a Speak Up grant and he was successful.  This grant will provide $1,000.00 to reinvigorate our Peace Garden.  The proposal included creating more seating for the garden thereby increasing its use by classes.  As well, the grant has allowed us to gravel all the garden paths which is a wonderful improvement.

Our thanks go out to R. Brown Construction of Little Britain for consultation on materials, as well as delivery and positioning of armour stone and gravel.  R. Brown has consistently and generously supported the Gardening Club and we are thankful for that.

Thanks also go to Mr. and Mrs. Bowen for their support of the Peace Garden. They have delivered and positioned truckloads of rock to delineate our paths, as well as assisting to distribute yards of gravel!  We have more additions to the Peace Garden planned so please drop in and enjoy!  DGH students understand the importance of every garden, be it vegetable or flowers, and that our Peace Garden is a place to be cared for and treated with respect.

(Of course, thanks need to go to Ms. Jewell for her support and efforts in the Peace Garden.  Ms. Jewell is the staff member who organizes and supervises the Gardening Club and keeps it “growing” (sorry – that’s the best gardening humour I could come up with!).)

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