DGH’s Skipping Team Competes Thursday, May 14th

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All of the hard work is about to pay-off!


The DGH Skipping Team, which has been practising for MONTHS!, is preparing to head off to the board-wide competition on Thursday, May 14th.  To say that Ms. Burns has a slight passion for the Skipping Team would be a bit of an understatement!  The DGH Skipping Team has 58 members (or more than 20%(!) of the school’s student body).


Many skipping team members will be sporting their new “Husky Hoppers” t-shirts.  There is a just a wee bit of pride in their accomplishments (as well there should be!).


Skippers will be competing in different age categories:

• Primary

• Junior

• Intermediate

• Open (which is a mix of ages)


Skippers will be competing in many different events: 

• Individual events: 30 second speed and double unders

• Team events: Speed Relay, Double under relay, freestyle (dance routines), double dutch

• Master Events: 3 Minutes speed, 3 minute double under, 3 minute double dutch

• Endurance event: double unders