Loonie Line Assembly and Neon Spirit Day – Friday, May 15th

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One of DGH’s more popular AND socially conscious events takes place on Friday, May 15th – THE LOONIE LINE ASSEMBLY!


Loonie Line Assembly and Neon Day Announcement


What Is It All About?


• click on the link above to check out the poster and information for this event


• the basic information is that the Me to We Student Council Team is asking students and staff to bring spare change (MAKE SURE YOU ASK PARENTS FIRST!) to put down on a “loonie line.”


• all of the money raised is used to support 2 initiatives: a Farm Animal Bundle and Clean Water for Life.


• the Farm Animal Bundle provides families with 3 goats and 15 chicks so that they can feed themselves with food


Clean Water for Life provides a family in a community with clean water.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal?  Did you know that children (often girls) in developing nations spend hours each day in the search for clean water rather than attending school?  The money raised, in part, will help provide clean and accessible water for families and girls in this situation.


Why Is the Me To We Team Doing This?


• to participate in We Day each year, the Me to We Team has to commit to supporting charities: local, national and international.  The Farm Animal Bundle and Clean Water for Life supports international charities.


• frankly, as a school staff, we think it is amazing that elementary aged students are mature and socially conscious enough to take on responsibilities such as this.